Jan 062017

If the sun sets behind the clouds, it’s all good.  If the sun sets in front of the clouds, we are in deep trouble.

Saw a couple whales out there whilst photoing the sunset but they were too far off to catch with the camera.  I’ll get some shots eventually.

Capt. Fritter

  3 Responses to “Just Remember This…”

  1. your sunset posts are like a meditation for me.
    thank you.

    as per your macy’s info link and the last post… I see ONE gigantic corporation in our future. one that encompasses everything.
    you either work for the man or you don’t work.
    in a way it was very sad news. in another way … maybe it means that minimalism is finally catching on. it’s all too much STUFF.
    I have often wondered who is buying all the racks of clothes and stuff those places like macy’s sell.

    everyone I ever see is wearing simple shirts or t-shirts and jeans and simple pants of some kind. not to mention tennis shoes or flip flops.
    even at all ages. young and old!
    even in most work places now the dress seems to be uber casual. and yet those myriads of things to buy keep getting produced.
    maybe retail will eventually catch up with how real people live.
    the whole sociological structure of our world is changing. and fairly fast too. it’s very interesting really!

    • It’s been my experience that corporate warlords don’t pay any attention to reality when it comes to how the markets are doing. They only see figures and expectations. Then when things don’t live up to said figures and expectations, the worker bees get blamed. But the warlords still make their money.
      C. F.

  2. What’s this “sunset” you speak of? Up here during this time of the year we pretty much don’t see the sun for 3 months. Pretty brutal.. in addition to the 15 inches of snow we have on the ground right now and the “high” temp of 8 degrees. Good case of cabin fever going on…

    Love the sunset pics though. Warmed me up for a bit!