Jan 112017

It took four months but I finally saw my first Hawaiian rainbow.

I know, postings have been slim.  I’ve been doing nothing special lately and really don’t have much new stuff to report.  The main thing is getting through the interminable holidays finally and now life can be normal again.  I’m really not much for all the hoopla and it just seems to drag on forever.  At least it’s over until the next batch of excuses for spending money comes around.

The island was packed with tourists as you may have guessed and there are still a lot of people here.  What surprises me is how many families are still vacationing with kids.  If memory serves, our asses were back in school the moment the last college bowl game was played but it don’t seem to be the way anymore.  Guess the little snowflakes need more time to chill before going back to being indoctrinated and trained to run cash registers and fry stations.

Anyways, I am looking forward, cautiously, to 2017.  Normally winter and early spring is a bad time of year for me financially for some reason but this year looks to be more better.  Lower taxes, not quite as many bills, so it should be nicer.  I have put myself on a tighter budget now, tracking expenses closely like with the $50 a day experiment I did for a few years back in the Keys.  My only wild card so far is the food budget.  Try as I might, I am having a tough time staying within spending limits on sustenance.  Groceries are pricey out here in the middle of the ocean and even though I have found some bargains now and then, it’s not easy.

One problem is bulk buying which is very popular out here.  Buy lots of something and you’ll save some money in the long run.  But I usually buy for a couple days at a time, getting the smaller size in stuff and as a result, either smaller sizes are not available or come out to be more expensive.  I’m still adjusting but it’s tough.

I’m continuing to work on Hawaiian citizenship.  One good score I was able to qualify for is free health insurance under the medicaid plans offered here.  I was surprised by how easy it was to get coverage.  I originally just inquired right before the holidays just to see what options I had and before I knew what was happening they had me on a plan and everything.  Way more easier than the fustercluck I went through in Florida.  So now I’m legal again, until the new corporate government repeals the healthcare law and defunds everything. Then back to square one.

Pretty much all I have left to do is get a Hawaiian drivers license, which I will do later this winter and I should be all set.  I will need to take a couple of written tests and judging by the practice tests, I will fail but then, I don’t drive much anyways.

The only other thing I need to start making plans for is what to do come May.  Dates are not firm yet but around then the landlord’s son will be returning from school and I will have to get out of the room.  My original plans for world domination involved me spending part of the year here in Hawaii, part in the Keys, and travel a bit elsewhere.  It all sounded good on electrons but I’ve fallen in love with these islands so much I really would rather stay.  But a bit of travel is ok too, as long as I know I’m coming back.

Most likely what I will do is fly back to Pa. to visit family in May for a way more shorter time, maybe at most a month, then decide what to do then.  Going back to the Keys doesn’t make much sense since I no longer have a boat there nor an affordable place to stay.  I should have all ties to Florida severed by then.  I could maybe do some travel about the country, see some sites here and there.  Maybe get a bus or train pass and do some sight seeing.  I even thought about doing a bit of physical activity like maybe a section hike of the Appalachian Trail.  It’s doable, affordable, but means I would need to significantly improve my physical condition between now and then.  Not very likely.

The ideal situation would be finding another temporary spot out here either on Maui, the Big Island, or maybe even a short term stay on Oahu.  See the other islands and enjoy the summer here.  I’m in no real hurry to make any concrete plans as of yet but it is something I need to be thinking about.

The other wildcard in all of this is what condition the country is going to be in after January 20th.  We could be in the middle of a severe economic crisis, mass rioting across the land, or if we are really lucky, burning up in thermonuclear fires.  Seriously folks, the trumpenführer is horrendously unqualified to run this country and the madmen he is appointed for the different posts have personal profit and power as their motives, not the good of the country.  It’s going to be bad, and if you ain’t scared, you should be.

Worst case, aside from said nuclear annihilation, is I’m stuck out here in the middle of the Pacific.  Not a bad option.

So, with cautious optimism, I’m looking forward to the coming year.  Life is damn good out here.  The weather is everything I had hoped it would be.  The people are nice, the views never get tiring, and as long as I can meet the budget every month, things will be more better.

Enjoy your winter everyone, I know I will.

Capt. Fritter

  2 Responses to “Yeah, I’m Still Here…”

  1. Hawaii is not an easy place to live but if you can get past the tourists, everything being on “Hawaii Time,” and being on the most remote place in the world, you’ll find it’s quite nice. The perpetual summer, the aloha spirit, and ample surf breaks result in a pretty awesome place to live. Best of luck – hope you get used to it.

    • After nearly 40 years of living in Florida, including 8 years in the Keys, I think I can handle a few tourists. Key West time ran about the same pace.
      C. F.