Jan 152017

In case you have been wondering where everyone’s favorite mermaid has been hiding lately, Nikki had a busy year ending with her marriage to the luckiest guy on the planet, Jaco, followed by a wild, at least according to Facebook, honeymoon in Thailand.  Things have settled down and she is back to work doing what she does best.  Have a look:

That’s Steve Casting performing the magic with the camera.

Nikki worked with The Mermaid Hunter and myself a few years back in Key West on several projects including the film, The Sea Siren.  She became the inspiration for the mermaid character in my soon to be best selling book Tales Of The Manatee Fritter. If Hollywood ever calls wanting to throw millions of dollars my way to make a movie of said book, Nikki will be my choice to star in such a feature. Just waiting for Hollywood to call.

Anytime now.

Operators are standing by.

Capt. Fritter

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