Feb 272017

Going to start playing around with some video.  I got a Youtube channel set up so if you find yourself in the area, please subscribe.  In the meantime, enjoy about 10 minutes of surfing at the Cove.

Capt. Fritter

  2 Responses to “Take A Ten Minute Vacation…”

  1. just subscribed. looking forward to your videos.
    I enjoyed hearing the surf. it was almost mesmerizing. thanks for not putting loud music with it.
    though sometimes… Hawaiian music especially… might be appropriate.
    but for us land locked people who love the ocean… the surf is music enough!
    I wish you had gotten more of the little dog in action. you can never go wrong with dogs and balls and water!
    I had never seen paddle surfing before. kind of a cross between the two? I didn’t picture you riding the surf when you paddle boarded. don’t know why. just never did. thought of it more like in the mangroves.

    • Stand up paddling pretty much started out here. Made it easier to get out to the big waves. I miss it but can’t really do any right now. Perhaps later on.
      The dog swam way out almost to where the surfers were then came back in. His owner was telling him to come back on land but he wanted to go back out again.
      C. F.