Mar 302017

Back in January a friend of mine announced his parent was terminally ill.  He shared his grief on social media and got a lot of support from his friends.  It also inspired me to write an unusually long post about my personal experiences on dealing with the death of a loved one, and the nitty gritty of all the associated things one will have to settle regarding said death.

Well, not very long ago he announced his parent had passed away.  It was peaceful, at home, and in the company of loved ones.

I never met the parent and only actually met my friend in person once during a visit to Key West.  We became good friends on the social media, trading jokes, and talking about the Keys.  But he did share all the happenings from the point when the diagnosis came through to the end today.  From what he shared it appears he and his family faced this situation with all the dignity, respect, love, and bravery they could muster.  They made the best of a bad situation and hopefully gave a few moments of happiness to someone at the end of their life.

Now the hard part begins, dealing with the grief, the mourning, and settling accounts, and eventually moving on.  From what I could deduce, they have made the proper arrangements in advance and the transition should be ok.  If there would be a proper way to deal with a loved one’s demise, my friend and his family seemed to have done it.

As I said, I never met the parent, but my friend shared so much online I almost feel like I did.  And I actually feel pretty sad for his passing.  My friend will be ok.  He is strong, and with his family, and those of us who consider him to be a friend, will not have to face this loss alone.  He knows he can reach out to any of us for support even if it’s no more than a kind word or a sunset picture from Mallory Square.  As he said of his parent:

Fair winds & following seas.

Capt. Fritter

  3 Responses to “A Passing…”

  1. Thanks. Your friendship made this a little easier than it would have been otherwise. We’ll be ok. Hang loose.

  2. this was a sad yet beautiful death. with shared love and peace.
    my condolences capt… for your friend. and your own mutual sadness.
    a parent is always hard to lose.

  3. oh chuck!
    I didn’t know it was you.
    it truly feels like one of our own community we know here now and we do share your loss.