Apr 102017

I have one less friend today.  I got defriended/unfriended/banned/exiled or whatever the hell they call it on social media the other night.  Seems the ex friend, who is a, shall we say, rather ardent supporter of the trumpenführer and the current corporate dictatorship, took exception, finally to my anti said dictator tweets and posts.  Took long enough.

Anyways, said ex friend is no longer acquainted with your dear captain, preferring to mix with others who think the same.  Oh well.

It is a bit of shame.  This person was one of the first whom I met when I moved to Sunset Marina and we seemed to get along just fine.  Helped each other out a few times and all seemed right with the world.  But when the current ‘leader of the free world’ came into power all of sudden things changed for the less than more better.  As my highly insightful, sarcastic, and spot on tweets and posts became more numerous, the ex friend became more distant and not very nice when I did try to make contact in a non political way.

There was a religious angle also.  Being on the correct side of the argument over religion and the alleged existence of some super powered man in the sky ruling over us all, versus belief in magic, a dusty old book of fables, and some guy nailed to a tree, perhaps pissed off the ex friend even more.

From what I can deduce, the recent air strike in Syria, which did nothing but put money in the pockets of those who own stock in Raytheon, the purveyors of Tomahawk missiles, and piss off the Russians, was the final straw in our friendship.  Apparently the ex-friend’s total devotion to the dictator in chief also extends to his highly extensive military background.  You tell me.  How much confidence to you have in this idiot leading us in a war?

Yeah, we are pretty much screwed.

What is particularly disturbing is how this corporate dictatorship has split the country.  I’ve gotten more than a few rather threatening opposing replies to some of my postings.  Enough to realize people will hurt or even kill in support of this bullshit.  When a federal judge in Hawaii ruled against the infamous travel ban a few weeks ago, some supporters of said ban supported a boycott of the islands.  It backfired as everyone here cheered said boycott.  But even more disturbing was some expressed hope the islands would be nuked by N. Korea or some other foreign power.  Seriously?  What kind of twisted logic comes up with this shit?  Was this what the country was like during the unpleasantness of the 1860’s?  To quote a famous tweeter….Sad.

And by the way, many who oppose my views assumed I supported the other candidate who lost the election.  They would be wrong.  I supported nobody as I still firmly believe today, we have no real say in who is running the government.  Those who appear to be in charge are just figureheads.  They take all the blame and claim all the glory, depending on which way the winds blow.  None of those who ran for president last year were even remotely qualified for the job.  The real powers lie with the corporate warlords and those few of whom us peasants never heard of.  It’s been such for a long while and is unlikely to change anytime soon.

Anyways, the friend is no longer a friend.  Gone with quite a few others particularly over the past few years.  With all I went through over the past couple of years, I found out how many true friends I did have, and there ain’t too many.  Some I simply lost contact with from moving and traveling so much.  Others went their separate ways.  Once in a great while I might make contact here or there with someone, but whatever we had in common before was long gone.  After catching up with the usual:  What are you doing?  Where do you live?  What ever happened to such and such?  The conversation pretty much goes downhill from there and you realize your lives have gone in completely different directions.   Not too many of them ran off to the islands to become pirates and write books.  Their loss.

Some who I thought were friends turned out to be anything but as time went on.  When I was in Orlando last year I tried to get together with one or two.  One ‘friend’, whom I had known for well over 20 years and had done a lot of stuff with, and had not seen in 6 years, would not come and see me as they had,  had to mind you, go drinking.  Drinking was more important than a friendship, which is now over with.  They will never see nor hear from me again, as will the ex friend who got mad the other night.  I tend to be very unforgiving about these sort of things.

It’s ok though.  I’ve never had a big circle of friends to begin with.  Growing up in the shithole back in Pa. taught me people are just no damn good and not worth the effort.  Plus I have enough drama in my life without listening to somebody else’s tales of woe.  Call me selfish, I don’t care.  It’s how I am.  I’ve got friends here on the Fritter, some whom I have never met, who have shown more friendship and caring than most people I’ve met in person.  Go figger.

So, with one less friend, I will carry on.  I try to keep the political leanings confined to my social media accounts.  If you want to hear my opinions about a narcissistic, ego driven, totally unqualified, thin skinned, bully with no political experience who is nothing but a front for a corporate dictatorship run by billionaires who would destroy the environment, take away our rights, declare war, and do it all in the name of profits for themselves, go to my Twitter or FB page.

Go to the same said social media links if you want to hear my thoughts and opinions about the evils of religion, how it has hindered mankind’s development, and how ridiculous it is to believe in such nonsense when reality is staring you in the face.

As for here, I’ll stick with Hawaii, the Florida Keys, minimalism, and the usual stuff.  But if you do happen to go to said social media links, and you get pissed off.  Good.  It means I made you think and question what you believe in.  As well you should.  And should you decide to unfollow me, unfriend, or otherwise exile me from your online world, so be it.  Your decision.

To my ex friend, I wish you no ill will.  Live long and prosper.  But don’t ever come back.  You won’t be welcome.

Capt. Fritter

  2 Responses to “Sorry, Friendship Over…”

  1. I’m sorry forgiveness is not part of your nature but I also understand why you could not forgive right now. I’m glad I’m the kind of friend who thinks we should all have our own opinions about everything. It makes my world better. Besides, it can be fun to argue.

  2. what is it that families or friends should never discuss? sex. religion. and politics?
    so that leaves the weather.
    oh wait. that would bring up climate change. and so we’re right back to politics.
    nope. too bad.
    there’s just no way around it.