Apr 302017

You won’t see this picture on any resort or tourism site.

Deserted beaches.  No surf.  No sunshine.  No rainbows.  You can barely see the island off to the northwest.  Not what you want all those tourists with their credit cards waiting to be looted and pillaged to see.  But, it happens.

A cold front came through the islands starting Friday night and should last all weekend.  For a change, we have cloudy, windy, rainy, and not as warm weather as usual on Maui.  Said fronts are rare but they do happen.  In fact, I believe Saturday was the first day where the sun actually didn’t shine on my part of the island.  In addition to all the rain, there is flooding on a lot of the low lying areas, lots of water crashing off the mountain sides, and the occasional rock slide.  It makes driving along some of the highways rather interesting.  The upside, all this rain really greens things up across the islands and replenishes those homes with water catchment systems.

So, we can put up with a day or so without sunshine.  For me, it’s just a foreboding of the weather to come when I head back to Pa. in a couple of weeks.  Might as well get a head start on the depression which is sure to settle in.  But, as some song in some play somewhere says, the sun will shine again tomorrow and things will be more better.

Capt. Fritter

  2 Responses to “Not A Chamber Of Commerce Kinda Day…”

  1. frankly a climate where it is hot and sunny continually seems incredibly boring to me.
    I would welcome the beauty of a cool cloudy day on occasion there.
    it’s like hearing constant loud music. and when it’s finally silent… it’s so refreshing!