May 022017

In the never ending quest to generate a few extra bucks I’ve dispensed with the Amazon ad in the sidebar and opened a small Amazon storefront on this page.  The ebooks, as always are on there, along with my ever popular line of captain’s wear.  Yes, you too can look just like Capt. Fritter, with all the appropriate clothing and accouterments to go with your new outfit.  Snark not included.  I’ll add more goodies down the road as I find them so check in now and then to see what’s there.

It all goes through Amazon of course so they handle payments, shipping, and whiny ass customer complaints.  I just take the money and gleefully sit in a dark corner counting it out whilst laughing under my breath…just kidding.  I’ll have a light on in said corner.

Anyways, check out the store.  I do appreciate any purchases.  But don’t buy anything on credit and only if you can afford it, and need it.  You know my rules.

Capt. Fritter