May 112017

Well, I made it, none the worse for wear.  Maui to Seattle to Detroit to Central Pa., 5000 miles, and 6 time zones.  To say I am tired would be an understatement.  But, as trips went, even one this long, everything went okay.

I didn’t get dragged off any planes.  No fights broke out amongst passengers.  Flights were smooth, if not tedious, and as is usual, packed full.  The seats are too close together, it’s near impossible to sleep on the plane, and the airports are just masses of humanity going from one part of the planet to the next.

I did have the option to book on another flight when I first checked in at Maui.  But all they offered was a voucher for another flight, good for one year.  Not bad but I can’t be bought off so cheaply.  I also, for reasons unknown, was given TSA PreCheck status.  It meant I didn’t have to wait in the big line to get through screening, didn’t have to take off my shoes, open my laptop, or any of the usual inspections.  I don’t know how or why I got it, as the website says one must sign up, pay money, etc.  Something I have never done.  Mayhaps, my old TWIC card, long expired, with my old captain license had something to do with it.  Could be just random.  Obviously, security never has read this blog.  At any rate, I wasn’t arguing the decision.  I breezed right through security without any delay.

Traveling light helped also.  Just my old bag with my laptop, phone, and not much else.  I’ll be replacing my wardrobe whilst back on the mainland so all my old clothes other than what I wore on the trip got thrown out.

BTW, a quick heads up for anyone flying out of Hawaii.  They screen all your bags, luggage as well as carryon for any plants, fruits, vegetables, or organics you may be trying to take from the islands.  They do the same for those coming into the islands as you have to fill out a form declaring said organics before you get off the plane.  It’s designed to keep unwanted pests, diseases, and other nasty’s from getting onto or off the island.  So think twice before you stuff some cool looking tropical plant into your bags as the powers which be will removed them from your possession.

As I said before, all the flights were packed full.  Not an empty seat on any plane.  The airports were like anthills.  Despite the fact the airlines operate as monopolies gouging customers with numerous fees and providing little in the way of comfort, everyone seems to be flying these days.  It’s amazing.  The big flights I took did have things like little tv’s in the front of you so you could watch free movies, shows, listen to music, etc.  They even had wifi and power stations.  So, while the seats are cramped and uncomfortable, at least you could find something to help pass the time of spending 5 hours in the air crossing oceans and continents with nothing to see but clouds and sky.

Overall, this trip wasn’t bad, just long.  I left the condo around 12:30 in the afternoon on Tuesday, got something to eat, hit the airport, and finally arrived back in Pa. on Wed. around 4:30.  I’ve lost all track of time and slept nearly 10 hours Wed. night, I think.  Not sure of the day right now either.  The downside is I’m back in this:

Yes, it’s as cold, dank, wet, and dreary as it looks.  I have to wear long pants and some strange cloth things on my feet which the locals refer to as, ‘socks’.  Weird.  But, I knew what was coming before hand and I can deal with it for now.  It shouldn’t take long to recover from said trip and I can start planning my next evil move.  More on said evil later.  For now, going to get some rest and recover.

Capt. Fritter

  4 Responses to “Loooong Trip…”

  1. I’m glad to know you made it alive and as well as possible after such a trip.

  2. ditto my friend linda’s comment.
    I have always loved that view! I know I know. but even if it’s in PA. it is beautiful. 🙂

  3. you’re incorrigible.
    notice I didn’t say hopeless.