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Having been around the country a bit from this shithole to Florida to Hawaii, I’ve been able to experience a wide variety of weather systems.  Here, in said shithole, it’s usually gloomy, cold, rainy, windy, foggy, and generally depressing.  In Florida, it’s hot, humid, with some serious thunderstorms now and then, and the occasional hurricane.  In Hawaii, near perfect all the time with warm temps, cool breezes, light rains, depending on which side of the islands one is on, and extremely pleasant.  So, it’s rather interesting to see how each area approaches the weather.

Here in the shithole, and if you object to me calling Pennsylvania a shithole, trust me, I got way more descriptive terms I could use, people generally do nothing but complain about the weather.  It don’t seem to matter what is going on outside, be it rain, snow, sleet, cold, cloudy, clear, warm, or on rare occasions, sunny, nobody is happy with the weather.  I hear it all the time in the gulag where I am staying.  Nothing but squawks about how too hot or cold it is, or it’s raining too much, or not enough.  Throughout the day it’s a constant dance of opening and closing windows, blinds, turning the ac or heat on or off.  The weather is never right here.

Part of the problem may be how it’s presented.  If one were to watch the local news channels, and if you do, drink a bottle of hard liquor before you do, it’s some really bad programing, the weather is more like comic relief in between the local stories of car wrecks and drug arrests.  The weather bunny or weasel, depending on the gender, is always out and about at some lame festival or grand opening of a new store or someplace other than in front of a weather map telling you what the actual climate conditions will be.  They laugh, sing, dance, and generally act like clowns while telling everyone a storm front is approaching or it’s going to get really cold.  Their forecasts are rarely on target making it difficult to plan ahead.

It’s a small wonder climate change is not taken seriously in these parts.  The weather sure as hell isn’t.

Compare this with weather in the Keys.  They take their weather down there seriously.  Very seriously.  When you live on a 2 x 4 island surrounded, as most islands are, by oceans, or you make your livelihood on the water, or you actually live on said water, you want up to date, spot on, accurate weather predictions.  Winds, tides, storms, water and air temps, all play a very important part of living on those small islands.  Even those who don’t work on the water are affected.  Knowing what the weather is in the Keys becomes as important as anything else so when it comes to weather forecasting.  Tuning into some dickhead laughing and joking with some locals at a barbecue instead of giving pertinent information about an incoming storm just don’t cut it.  The weather idiots up here would get drawn and quartered if they pulled their happy, happy, joy, joy shit down in the Keys.

Weather is vitally important to everyone in the islands.  It has a major effect on what can and cannot be done there.  The weather can be dangerous as hell.  Said islands sit almost level to the ocean and with the oceans rising, and they are, having accurate forecasts becomes even more important.  People’s lives depend on it.

Then there is Hawaii.  Sweet, sweet Hawaii.  I’ve written in the past about how nice the weather is out there.  Not once in the 8 months I was in Maui did I find a need for air conditioning nor heat.  Rain was rare on my side of the island.  We had no hurricanes.  There were some tropical systems which came through and flooded a few spots.  Volcano fog is a regular occurrence.  But overall, Hawaii has the most bestest weather of any place I have ever lived.

You never hear anyone complain about the weather out there.  It is so damn reliable and pleasant it becomes secondary to whatever else is going on.  You don’t have to plan ahead to account for it, at least not very often.  If bad weather is coming in, and it does, after all, this is the middle of the Pacific Ocean, there is more than adequate warning.

The weather is important though.  The forecasts are in depth and accurate.  No dancing weather weasels here unless they are in Honolulu.  Like the Keys, a lot of people make their living on the water so accurate marine forecasts are vital.  Weather on the top of the volcanoes can get downright wintry with blizzard conditions, so it pays to know before attempting to head up the side of said volcanoes.  Torrential rains cause flooding and landslides.  King Tides, which have been going on the past two months will close off roads.  Sometimes stranding people with no other way to get back.  So the weather, nice as it is, remains very important in Hawaii.  It’s just, nobody complains about it out there.

So it’s interesting to see how each area approached said weather.  As I said, here they complain yet the weather is never taken seriously.  In the Keys, it affects everyone who lives there.  In Hawaii, it’s important, but really, really nice.  How about where you live?  Do you have dancing weather bunnies or can you tune into the weather and get an accurate forecast?

Capt. Fritter

  3 Responses to “How Important Is Your Weather?…”

  1. well. you know what my answer is.
    in my town is the national severe weather lab for the whole nation.
    well. in terms of tornadoes anyway.
    I would imagine most 12 year old kids know what a front. a wall cloud. a hook. and what hail and tornado possibilities look like on the weather map. it’s an education in itself to watch our weather people do the weather. they’re no bunnies nor weasels.
    they’re the real thing. and like you say… with people on the water who depend on their accuracy… our lives also depend on it.
    we have great respect for them. they rarely get it wrong.

  2. Why would I watch bunnies or weasels? When I want to know what the weather is doing I go to NOAA’s website and see it for real. We do watch some local TV when storms are predicted but, even then, we are checking NOAA at the same time.

    Plus, now that we have moved into a community where nearly everything except the grocery store is under one roof I wear the same thing all year around. We could even choose to have the groceries delivered. Then we’d only have to go out for medical appointments. And social event with non-residents.

    • Damn Linda, a little fresh air now and then is good for you. It all sounds convenient but a bit too stuffy for my taste. I need to get outside in the sunshine now and then.
      C. F.