Jul 062017

The 4th of July is over, and with it comes the changing of the season here in this apartment.  The stars and stripes are now gone and replaced with the colors of summer.  Little flags, patriotic candy dishes, and red/white/blue geegaws have been replaced with butterflies and flowers.  Summer is officially here.

Just a few minutes before I wrote this post I hauled two big plastic containers full of said patriotic decorations to the garage storage facility and brought up the summer crap.  Wanna see a small sampling of how much there was?

There was more than this.  If there is one positive, the summer decorations are much more fewer in number.

But even still, every napkin, tablecloth, towel, door wreath, candy dish, and Darwin knows what else now has a summer theme.

Said summer theme will last until Labor Day.  Come September the fall decorations will be trotted out, some of which will be recycled into Halloween, then Thanksgiving.  The real shit explodes in December with every corner of the place covered in Santas, reindeer, snowmen, and pine trees.  Then again come Spring.  It’s scary how much money is tied up in this little place just in decorations.

In the garage are three 6 foot tall shelving units packed full of this garbage.  Huge plastic containers full of dust catchers and knick knacks.  The overflow fills whatever closet space can be had in the apartment.

No clue what I’m talking about.

I sigh heavily every time I go to the garage because someday all this shit will be my responsibility.  In terms of monetary value there is none.  Most of this crap will wind up in donation bins or the dumpster.  Either way, it seems like a huge waste of money, and it is.  But I may as well be talking to cat as trying to convince anyone around here to downsize and quit buying anymore.

The only good thing is I won’t be around for the fall and winter changes.  By then I will be long gone on some tropical island where it stays one season all year round.  No decorating, no clutter, no piles of boxes to deal with.

I’ll stick with the minimalist approach to life, thank you very much.

Capt. Fritter