Jul 072017

Today I got the word.  I am officially homeless again.  Just another urban outdoorsman with no purpose in life.  Doomed to wander the planet aimlessly.  No place to lay my weary bones, no shelter from the rain and cold.  Destined to die alone in a wooded clearing which reeks of cat pee.

The landlady in Maui informed me today she is not going to rent the room out anymore.  It wasn’t really unexpected.  I kind of got the vibe from her when I left.  I probably should have just ended it back in May but no matter.  It’s done and over with.  She will be sending me my security deposit back and I can now move on.  I just don’t know where yet.

I’m a little sad because the room in Kihei was pretty nice.  Comfy, great location.  It was a good place to spend 8 months on Maui when one has never been there before.  But the rent was at the high end of what I can afford so in this respect, I am off the hook and can now find something more cheaper.  The question is…where?

I’ve been perusing the rental ads all over Hawaii virtually every day since I left.  Maui has a few places now and then but the Big Island has a lot more.  Many of the places on said B.I. are off the grid and difficult to get too without a vehicle.  The difficult part is not being on the islands to physically go and look at said places.  Now I know what I can afford though so I can begin looking more closely.

Then there is the Keys.  As much as I loved being in Hawaii, I really missed the Keys, especially Key West.  It’s been a tug of war deciding to go back to Hawaii or return to the Conch Republic.  I have all the residency issues taken care of in Hawaii, the D.L., bank accounts, even health insurance.  If I move to the Big Island or elsewhere on Maui, changing addresses is no big deal.  Should I move back to Florida, it will take some doing but changing everything back over is not impossible once I establish an address.

The problem with going back to the Keys is there is no affordable housing.  My only real choice is to go back on a boat and hit the mooring field.  Not a bad choice, and to be sure, I have been looking at sailboats for sale in Florida with as much intensity as I have been looking at places in Hawaii.  Going back to boat living presents an entirely new set of challenges of course but if I did happen to find the right boat and get set up in said mooring field, I would be back living in Key West for significantly less money than before.  It’s more of a question of me willing to deal with all the pitfalls of boat living again.

Another possibility is going the rv route.  Finding some combination of vehicle/rv/motorhome and moving about the country as I please.  It means no more living on an island and a constant need to find another place to park, but it would be relatively inexpensive and since I have lived in rv’s before, not a lifestyle I would have to adjust too.  But, it’s sort of last on the list of options.  I miss my islands.

The one other issue is minor but important.  Ever since I sold the last boat I have had to deal with roommates.  Everything from family and friends to strangers and criminals.  No more.  Whatever I find, wherever I go, I want my own place.  Be it an apartment, cabin, cottage, yurt, tent, rv, boat, or the back of a goddamn pick up truck, no more roommates, at least no more human ones.  I prefer to live alone and it will be such going forward.  I’m tired of dealing with other people and having to adjust my lifestyle to suit them.

The one real upside is I am no longer stuck here in Pennsylvania until Sept.  If I find a place I can get out of here quick and be back to real living again.  This place has really been bad for me attitude and health wise and it’s time to get out.

So, here I am.  Looking for a new adventure.  Hawaii?  Florida?  Off the grid?  Back on the water?  I don’t know.  Finances are not an issue, especially now since I no longer have the expense of the room in Kihei.  I know what my budget can afford so it makes it more better to find what I want.  Unless something comes up immediately I will be shooting for the end of July to make a move rather than waiting until Sept.

Now it’s just a matter of deciding where.

Capt. Fritter

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  1. Yay for the freedom to choose. Glad to hear your move will be sooner than you feared.