Jul 182017

The good news is said relative is doing well following a losing battle with gravity.  The hip has been repaired and said relative is now in a rehab facility for physical therapy.  Results have been good so far and things look optimistic for a good recovery.  The injury was bad and it will have an affect on movement and motion in the future but at least it wasn’t life threatening.

There were some touchy situations at the hospital.  Heart rates going up and down, blood pressure bouncing around, low oxygen levels, dizziness, nausea, and the relative was having a hard time too.  But, we got through it all and into the next phase.

For me, it was rough.  Long days and hours spent sitting in the hospital waiting on shit.  Back home spending time contacting relatives, friends, and others with updates.  My diet has gone to hell, even with a fridge full of food I haven’t been eating too well.  Just no appetite.  I’m having trouble sleeping.  Stress and worry keep me awake plus the bed I have here is uncomfortable as all hell.  I prefer a somewhat firmer bed and this thing is way too soft.  It kills my back and I will frequently wake up in the middle of the night with shooting pains down my shoulders and back.

The other issue is the allergies.  The pollen, grass, and pollution here is horrendous.  There are allergy alerts daily and it has affected me severely.  The nagging cough I had last year has returned, also contributing to a lack of sleep.  My throat is swollen, making it difficult to swallow.  I am taking over the counter stuff for all of this but it can’t be healthy in the long run.  Add in the stress and worry of what is going to happen and the ups and downs at the hospital and needless to say, I could use a vacation in someplace like Hawaii or Key West right now.  But, not happening anytime soon.

I’ve been holding up mentally fairly well but I lost it a little bit when I had to dig through the closet to find a specific pair of shoes.  Said closet is full of shoes, clothes, and dozens of purses.  It was so disheartening to see how much crap is stuffed away around here.  And most of this stuff has never been worn or used.  I’m going to have to have an intervention when this hip thing is all done and settled.  This is the same as hoarding.  It’s a sickness and a very expensive one too.  To waste so much money and space on all this crap is insane.

I’m not here to help relatives in hopes of monetary gain.  I could care less if I’m named in any wills.  There are no fortunes to be lost.  I’m helping because this is family.  We love one another and we take care of one another no matter what.  They took care of me when I was young, I’ll take care of them when they are old.  But when I see the waste, the consumerism, the addiction to shopping, to the extent I see here, it is time to do something.

As expected, with all which has gone down, my temperament is not the most pleasing.  I have a very short temper and I have to be careful.  One smart ass remark or condescending look from one of the old bats who haunt this apartment building might set me off.  A minister from said relative’s church has been coming by frequently.  I took an immediate dislike to him.  He gives me the impression of being a con man looking to score money.  He hinted to me about donating my time to build and maintain a website for him.  He learned very quickly it was a mistake.  I suspect we will have a confrontation someday in the near future.

I have to remember, I am in enemy territory.  This is the one place on the planet I truly despise.  If it wasn’t for family, I would never come near this shithole.  It is about as far away from the kind of life I want as one can get.  But, I have to be here and it’s going to take some real patience on my part to get through all this.

As for returning to Hawaii or Key West, it’s looking very unlikely at least until the fall.  It all depends on how said relative does with healing and how much ability will be there to get around the apartment and do stuff.  I am hoping the driving is eliminated.  It sounds a bit cruel but if there is no driving, then there will be way less shopping.  But it may also mean I will have to come back more frequently to check up on things.

Not the way I had planned the next few years but in the back of my mind, I knew something like this may happen.  It has, and now I will deal with it, no matter what.  It’s family.

Capt. Fritter


  5 Responses to “I’ve Had More Better Weeks…”

  1. You are a good son/nephew/grandchild or whatever.

  2. I readily relate to most of your situations because my life follows a similar path. I’m currently caring for a relative in need and my plans will have to wait until things improve.

    You have my respect for doing what needs to be done. As you essentially said in a prior post — some people are quick to offer prayers and well wishes, but they won’t jump in and actually help!

    Hope you take some comfort in knowing that I will also “deal with it, no matter what.”

    Yeah, I’m presently in PA and even our birth dates are only 2 days apart. Oh, and the wimmen are always plotting against me!

  3. careful there.
    I know where all the bodies are buried.
    so I assume you mean present company excepted.