Jul 252017

It’s been 2 weeks since the fall from grace but the good news is, patient zero is coming along very well.  Physical therapy has been the order of the day.  The hip is hurting but there is actual walking (with a walker), getting up and down, climbing steps, and other exercises.  Coming home later this week but back 3 times a week for more PT.

I’ve been doing a few things around the apartment to get ready.  Got rid of the glass coffee table which was in the way.  Got to pick up all the loose throw rugs lying around along with the empty rum bottles and unconscious hookers, then the real fun begins.  I’ll have my hands full with a stubborn patient who thinks they know more better than the doctors. This is someone who has been more worried about what to wear to therapy than to go and do the therapy.  It’s going to be a battle.

I got to attend a physical therapy session the other day.  The place is well equipped but talk about depressing.  A lot of people in there are barely conscious, let alone able to move on their own.  Sad as hell.  Even worse, when I leave and go to the stores I see people here all the time who should be in physical therapy.  Nobody in this town seems to care about healthy living.

The upside is, if things continue on pace, by September, I should be able to get out of here.  I hope.  I have already made it abundantly clear I will not stay here during the winter.  No way in hell will I freeze in this shithole.  So there is some incentive to get healed up and independent within a time frame.

I myself have not been fairing too well.  The allergies are in full swing now.  I cough almost constantly, just like last year.  I take cough drops like candy, really crappy tasting cough syrup at night, but it helps.  I have a hard time sleeping as the bed is way too soft.  I wake up at 4:00 in the morning with shooting pains across my back and shoulders.  I miss my islands so bad right now.

And if anyone dares suggest I go see a doctor, I will ban your ass from the Fritter so don’t even try.  When this is all over I never want to see another doctor, nurse, therapist, nor anyone in the healthcare field again.

I do have some good news.  If all goes well I will be going to my beloved Key West in mid Sept.  My old friend the Mermaid Hunter and everyone’s favorite Mermaid will be there for some projects.   I’m hoping to get down there and then see what happens afterwards.  Possibly stay or head for Hawaii.  Open to whichever way the winds blow, as long as said winds don’t blow north again.

Finances are doing well despite my taking over some of the apartment budget.  Food up here is reasonably priced at least.  I did finally splurge and ordered up a new iPhone 7.  My old iPhone 5S is not going to last until the next generation comes out and the new one has all the things I want for now.  The old phone was a good one lasting me 4 years.  I will hold onto it for a spare and mainly because I want to play around with it.  The replacement battery needs replacing and they make a kit for said replacement.  Be fun to see how badly I can screw it up.  I might have been able to salvage the old phone for another 6 months to a year but I had already factored the cost of the new one into my budget so might as well do it now.  One less expense moving forward.

I went with the unlocked version for now because I have good internet where I am staying.  I can add on a carrier at anytime later on but I will wait until I see where I am living first before adding another bill to the mix.

So for now, I’ll still be sitting here in my least favorite place, taking care of things until I am satisfied I can leave and not worry.  Just kidding…no matter what the progress, I will always be worrying.  When will the next fall occur?  What if something else happens?  It will never end.

Capt. Fritter


  3 Responses to “So How Has Your Summer Been?…”

  1. You may want to give FLONASE Nasal Spray a shot. It should help stop the allergy related sinus drainage that’s probably causing your cough. It’s a former prescription only medication that is now available over-the-counter.

    The medication relieves my similar condition and I never have any negative side-affects. Just my experience, for what’s it’s worth…

    • Thanks! Been trying Clariton but without much success. Hardest part is getting to sleep at night.
      C. F.

  2. Can you buy a sheet of 3/4″ plywood to put under your mattress? That might help firm things up.

    I take NyQuill at night. Puts me to sleep and helps me stay there for 4-6 hours. I’m currently sucking on lots of Luden cough drops but in the past I’ve used lemon drops just as effectively since it’s the moisture that coats my throat that helps prevent coughing.