Aug 042017

HWSNBN, and when you see this you know its gonna be more bullshit, announced the sale of his prized resort, the marina where I and many others used to call home.  Final price:  $175 million.  Nice profit if you can get it.

For those of you new to the Fritter, go back in the archives a few years, and you can follow the whole sordid affair.  Millionaire investor comes in, buys up a marina full of live aboards with several businesses, tears everything down, throws everyone out, builds an ugly, definitely not keysy, designer resort for upscale customers, makes a profit on the sale.  He lied to everyone and anyone involved, played fast and loose with the housing codes, and walked away with a box full of money.  More than a few people were rendered homeless.  People who actually owned some of the docks in the marina found out ownership don’t mean shit when there is more money involved.  Overall, it was quite the saga, enough for a not so successful author to pen a novel loosely based on the events.

This is not a nice person.  He continues to push out those who simply want to live in the Keys so the rich can come down and show off in their little enclaves.  I give him credit for having the know how and resources to pull it off, over and over again, but he obviously has no conscience when it comes to hurting people.

Well, good for him.  Hope he enjoys the money.  Fucking asshole.

Capt. Fritter

If you read the story you might notice he made mention the marina was full of murderers, prostitutes, and drug dealers.  I can tell you here and now, in all the time I lived there I did not do drugs.

  2 Responses to “Step 3: Profit…”

  1. maybe you could contact ’60 minutes’ and ask them to do an expose’ on him.
    but of course that kind of person operates just within the law.
    integrity-wise NO. but in every other way just enough to keep from going to jail.
    karma will happen to those who treat others that way. but it may take awhile.

    • His kind runs the world. His kind are in charge of our current government. It’s the way things are and we can’t do anything to stop them except live outside their influence.
      C. F.