Aug 172017

As August winds down I am finally getting serious about what my next adventure will entail.  I’ve begun looking in earnest at ads for places to live in Hawaii as well as possible boat options in Florida.  If nothing changes with the current progress of my loved one’s recovery, anytime after Labor Day I can finally get the fuck out of this nightmare of a town and move to someplace more civilized.

Between the bad weather, the health issues, the allergies, the stress, and the utter hatred of this place, this summer has taken a toll on me.  I’m badly over weight, with little stamina nor energy.  My usual happy go lucky outlook on life has been replaced by a simmering anger.  The more I have to go out and deal with the walking dead around the here, the angrier I become.  I really have to be careful not to go off on somebody for some stupid remark they may make.  It will be a tremendous relief when I board a plane/train/bus or whatever out of here.  I’ll come back to visit, or take care of a loved one as needed, but never again will I plan a summer here.

There is one upside to all this.  My financial goals have been met.  The original plan, even before the fall from grace, was to chill out here and save some money for the upcoming return trip to Hawaii or Key West, whichever offers the more better options.  Said plan has panned out and when I do leave next month I will be in pretty decent financial shape for a change.  All I need to do going forward is maintain a simple lifestyle with a positive income at the end of the each month.  If I can do such a thing, and no more emergencies come up, life will be looking pretty damn good for the foreseeable future.

If nothing else, this nightmare summer has given me much more appreciation for taking the plunge, moving away, and going on adventures in the islands over the past few decades.   Dreams die here and quickly.  People have no sense of taking chances, traveling, nor risks which might be different than what they are used too.  I’ve gone scuba diving, rode motorcycles across the land, lived on sailboats, rejected a consumer lifestyle, traveled to some pretty cool islands, and made a few dollars writing about said adventures.  If I have any regrets it’s not leaving sooner, and doing more.  But, the future is still there and I am looking forward to it.

The next couple of weeks are going to be long and flusterating.  But, I can see an end to the self imposed exile and assuming our beloved trumpenführer does not plunge us into nuclear war, the country doesn’t split into massive race riots, or we all go blind because we stared at the sun during the eclipse, things are looking pretty good.

I just hope I can make it til then.

Capt. Fritter