Aug 212017

I’ve been looking at the past few months of posts on the Fritter and realized this is not what I want this blog to be about.  I’d rather be discussing islands, sunsets, boats, minimalism, and fun stuff instead of me suffering interminably here in this shit hole.  It’s not fair to you fans who come here to read about said adventures only to be subjected to my tales of misery and woe, and it just depresses me more when I read over this shit.  I apologize for not keeping up the standards to which the Fritter stands for.  It’s been a rough summer and it shows.

So, for the rest of August and into Labor Day weekend, I’m going to take a break.  There is not much happening here worth writing about and no sense boring you with more tales of the walking dead.  I’m still constipating on heading out, somewhere, come September, I just don’t know where yet.  If something happens between now and then I’ll post of course but for now, I’m giving the Fritter a short rest.  Scrape the bottom, add new lines, clean the bilges, and swab some decks.  Things will be more better here in a month or so and I can go back to being the entertaining life of the party I was before.

Take a break everyone.  Go back and read some of the archives if you get a chance.  We’ll set sail again here pretty quick.

Capt. Fritter

  2 Responses to “Giving It A Rest…”

  1. Hang in there; September is coming up fast.

  2. I’ve been reading ceap RV living.
    it’s amazing what those people have done with anything from a stealth van to an suv to an rv to a prius car!
    I can’t really see you living in a car but as I recall you enjoyed living in an RV once upon a time?
    it makes me want one. apparently you can get a really nice one for about $6000. and as a minimalist it would be fun to see how cool a person could live in one. whether I’m ever going to have one or not I’m still paring down everything I own. it’s just fun to do. enjoy your break capt.