Sep 052017

It’s been two weeks of no posting and I would love to tell you all some good news about how I found a new place to live and I’m out of the hell of Pa., but alas, nothing has changed.

It’s not for lack of trying.  I had a nice week planned for around the second week of Sept.  Go down to Key West, do some mermaid hunting, and then see what happens afterwards.  But a certain bitch named Irma pretty much ended any hope of getting to the Keys.  Now there is the question of if the storm hits, how much of the Keys will be left.  More on this in a later post.  It’s still too early to panic.  The cone of death moves back and forth a lot with these storms but it does bear watching.

As for Hawaii, it has been extremely flusterating.  I find affordable places to live out there everyday.  I’ve answered more than a few ads for said rentals but cannot even get the decency of a reply from those doing the renting.  Not even a, “Hell No!”.  The few replies I have gotten were cryptic at best, making the search for a place to live more like a goddam game show.  It’s simple.  You advertise a place.  We inquire for more info.  Said info is traded back and forth between prospective landlord and tenant.  A decision is made, done and done.  But no.  No replies.  Clues might be sent.  But don’t anyone dare give useful information which may help in making a decision.  The whole thing really has me at my wits end.

It would be way more better if I was actually out on the islands so I could go meet people face to face and I am considering making use of Airbnb, getting something temporary, and use such time to find more permanent digs.  A bit more expensive but in the long run might work out.

As for Pa., the weather has turned already.  Temps have dropped by 15 degrees, it’s been cold, windy, and rainy.  The leaves have already begun turning color, meaning my time here is short.  There is no way, no matter what, I will be here when the winds of winter begin to blow.  I’ll take my chances being homeless on the road in Hawaii or what is left of Florida before I freeze in this shithole.

But for now, I wait and see.  Irma is going to be a real bitch in Florida, even if it doesn’t directly hit land.  I’ll write a bit more on this later in the week depending on what the storm does.  To anyone living down there, especially the Keys, get to some serious hatch battening or more better, get the hell out now while you can.  This is a serious storm and it has the potential to really hit hard.  Stay safe everyone.

Capt. Fritter

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  1. On thing to keep in mind about Airbnb – if you find a place that you like and you have a good experience with the landlord, they might be interested in doing a long-term rental agreement with you directly for a much cheaper price. I’ve had good experience like this a couple of times. Works out well for both parties.