Sep 062017

It’s been kinda surreal.  Watching all the preparations, the weather bunnies freaking out, following all the goings on through the social media.  Seeing places you have been to, lived in, called home, on the brink of destruction, or not, depending on the time of the latest forecast.

I can’t help but feel I should be in Key West right now.  I should be down there tying off a boat, battening hatches, chasing down supplies, doing…something.  Guess I lived there too long.  I have to remind myself I have nothing down there right now.  No property, no possessions, nothing.  No matter what happens, I am safe and sound, 1200 miles away, dammit.  Yet, I feel I should be there, protecting something, doing SOMETHING, ready to weather whatever the weather sends.  It’s my island dammit and I want to protect it.

If there is any good news it’s as of this posting, the projected path of Hurricane Irma has it jogging slight more to the east of Key West and more along the east coast of Florida.  Good for Key West, not so much for Miami and the big cities to the north.  But there are still a few days until the storm begins to affect Florida and for anyone with any experience with storms knows, this shit changes daily and even hourly.  Anything could happen and probably will.

The storm is almost 400 miles across, approximately the distance from Miami to Tallahassee.  So even if it should stay out over water it will still have an effect on almost all of the state.  The intensity will probably drop a bit but it is still a very dangerous storm and not to be taken lightly.  I’ve read a few stories and posts where people are claiming the hype does not live up to reality.  For their sake I would hope they are correct.  But from what I have seen so far, this storm is real and not to be trifled with.  If indeed it turns away and does little or no damage in Key West, the preparations and costs thereof are a small price to pay.  If it does make a direct hit, it’s gonna be a lot worse than people can imagine.  Not to mention it’s gonna play hell with my ebook sales.

Well, as I said, all I can do is watch the drama unfold from afar.  The friends I have in Key West are all ok.  Some have left, some are leaving, some might stay.  My other friends in other parts of the state are prepping yet again.  We’ve all been through enough of these to know the drill.  Stock up on supplies, batten said hatches, watch and wait.

To anyone in the path reading the Fritter, stay safe as always, don’t be a hero, save your pets, and hang in there.  Things will be more better soon.

Capt. Fritter