Sep 292017

It’s always cool when moving to a new spot to find some unexpected bonus.  A nice view, a toilet which actually flushes perhaps, and it was with great delight I was able to find, in addition to said flushing plumbing fixture, Mana Foods.

There ain’t much here in Paia in terms of shopping unless you are a tourist.  Most of the stores are little artsy crafty types along with expensive restaurants, so most of the time to get anything, like regular food, one must take the bus back into Kahului.  But in my travels about the village I came across Mana Foods.  It don’t look like much from the outside but inside it’s packed full of some really good stuff.

Mana Foods is one of those hippie health food type places.  Everything they sell is organic/gmo free/free range/non chemical/etc.  All the fad stuff the health food junkies like to push these days.  And while I’ve never bought into the whole idea suspecting a lot of it is just marketing bullshit, I did decide to go in and check the place out.  Much to my surprise, Mana Foods is pretty damn nice, and more important, affordable.

The store has a variety of departments for your shopping pleasure.  A coffee/smoothie bar, a homeopathy drug counter, a bulk items area where you can bag up things like seeds, coffee, whatever, fresh produce, some good looking seafood, grain fed beef, some exotic stuff like ground camel, and my personal favorite along with everyone else, a well stocked deli with lots of choices.

The prices are surprising competitive when you compare to what they get at the mainline grocerterias back in town.  I was pleasantly surprised to find some real decent bargains on a lot of things.  Some stuff, as always is overpriced but still, I’ve managed to feed myself there all week without breaking the bank.

The deli has a unique way of pricing.  Fill up on whatever you want for $8.99 a pound.  The salads are all good, the chicken was particularly yummy, and I had some lasagna the other night which really hit the spot.

What’s fun though is watching some of the people shop there.  Wimmen in particular are into the health food kick and it’s hilarious to watch them.  They act so smug and righteous when they are shopping, like they are getting away with something.  The fact most of them are thin, healthy, and active has nothing to do with it of course.  But hey, more power to them.  The food I’ve had there so far has been excellent.

What makes Mana Foods even more better, it’s but a couple hundred yard walk from where I am now staying.  Meaning a trip to the store no longer takes a couple hours worth of bus rides and dealing with over priced supermarkets.  Most all of what I need I can get there whilst staying in budget.

So, should you find yourself out Paia way sometime, check out Mana Foods.  It sits right on Baldwin Ave. about a block or so from the main center of town.  There is a parking lot next door which is always full.  Fridays they have a sale.  But overall, it’s well worth.  Good food and decent prices.

Cat. Fritter

  3 Responses to “Mana Foods…”

  1. So glad to hear you found this place. Eating is important. 🙂

  2. that is fantastic capt!
    I think it makes all the difference to have food (and healthy food at that) nearby and reasonable to buy.
    and I think you mentioned you’ve got a local place to go also close where you can watch your football games.
    it sounds pretty darned good.