Settling In & Relaxing…

It’s been three weeks since I moved back to Maui and things are settling down quite nicely thank you very much.  The stress and depression are becoming just bad memories now, replaced by the realization I don’t have to do anything nor be anywhere in particular at the moment.  About the only thing I do have coming up at the end of the month is getting my drivers license address changed.  After which, nothing on the agenda.  A very nice feeling indeed.  I tried to catch some sunset last night but this is about as close as I can get without heading down to the west side.

We kinda sit down a hill behind some hedges and fences so this is it.  One of these days I might head over to the west side and catch a proper sunset.

The room continues to work out just fine.  It’s comfortable and quiet here.  There were some minor changes.  The guy renting the other room decided he didn’t want to pay rent anymore, so he left.  I moved into his room and the landlady’s mother returned to the room I had.  So, I now share the place with two wimmen.  No, not what you think.  Hopefully it all works out for the long term.  Everyone is quiet and does their own thing.  We have one bathroom between us so we have to be a bit careful not to barge in on someone.  So far it has all worked out.

I try to stay out of the way, clean up after myself, and not be noticed anymore than necessary.  I help out a bit with cleaning and even fixed a leaky drain in the kitchen the other day.  But I don’t want it to turn into some kind of work trade deal.

When I moved into the other room it had a much firmer bed and finally, my back no longer hurts like it did with the soft beds in the other room and back in the mainland.  It was really bad for a long time and cost me more than a few nights of sleep.

We have decent internet, not the fastest at times but it is more than sufficient for my needs.  My cell signal is strong enough to provide a backup when needed.

Hopefully this place will work out for a while.  I like it so far and it’s a nice location.  Yet I always keep looking at the ads just in case.  Never know when some landlord will go off the deep end.  I’ve been there before.  At least if I do have to leave I can do so quickly and not worry about recovering any kind of security deposit.  I think it will be ok as long as I pay the rent on time and stay out of the way.

We do have some other roommates roaming about.  There are two dogs which belong to the landlady.  They are of indeterminate breed and pretty much just lay around like a couple of lumps.  They are friendly though and seem to like me.

There are several cats roaming about the neighborhood but all seem to belong to someone with one exception.  There is a big, burly feral, ginger tomcat which comes around on occasion.  I’ve been told he is the neighborhood bully, fighting with anything which gets in his way.  He is very skittish and runs when approached.  The problem with big, burly, feral, ginger tom cats is sooner or late a female, unspayed will show up and suddenly there will be feral kittens running around.  Knowing my history with feral kittens I have a sneaking suspicion something furry will come my way one of these days.  Hope not.  Not in a position to have another fur ball right now.

We also have a gaggle of feral chickens running around.  Much like Key West, they roam around everyone’s yard digging and making chicken noises.

And speaking of birds, I go out on the lanai every evening to watch the sun go down, such as it is, and have spotted a little pueo swooping about.  He seems to go on the hunt right at dusk and even hit the side of the house in search of something.  Haven’t been able to catch a photo yet but I will post if I do.

Finally, there are the lizards.  Tiny little chameleons which run all over the place, inside and out.

They don’t hurt anything and do a nice job of keeping the bug population at bay.  You just have to get used to them turning up everywhere inside and out.

So, with every passing day things get more better.  The weather, rainier and windier than the west side is still pretty damn nice.  I like Paia a lot since moving here.  As long as things remain quiet and no drama comes up, maybe I can stay put for a little while and not have to worry about shit anymore.

Capt. Fritter

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  1. I would hate to hurt one but I think if I woke up with a lizard staring me in the face I might accidentally sweep the little guy into obilivion with my arm!
    otherwise…I’m lovin’ your little slice of paradise.

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