Oct 252017

All good things come to an end, even in a tropical paradise. This week the perfect weather ended when a massive cold front came barreling through the islands on Monday. It was predicted all the previous week and lived up to the forecast.

This thing was big, stretching north all the way to Alaska with the tail end sweeping down across the Hawaiian islands. In terms of actual cold, there wasn’t much change. The temps dropped into the 70’s but not much lower. It was pretty comfortable actually. The big thing with this front was the rain and wind.

One could watch the front come through all day on Monday, slowly crossing the upper islands and pounding Oahu with heavy tropical downpours, gusty winds, and a rarity in these parts, lots of thunder and lightning.

I was used to said thunder and lightning when I lived in Florida. It was almost a daily occurrence to have the big thunderboomers cross the state. But since I have moved out here, I only heard thunder maybe twice. But come Monday evening, one could see the flashes to the north west and hear the booming as the storms came closer.

By about 11:00 the first rains started falling on Maui. You could tell it was going to be some serious storming as the cell service was the first to go. By about 1:00 in the morning it was full on pouring rain at about 3 inches per hour. Flash flood warnings were in effect and it was inadvisable to be outside for any reason.

Sometime later in the morning before dawn, all the power on Maui was pretty much out. Paia was completely without power or cell service. The rains had slacked off a bit and most of the storm was to the south over the Big Island but the damage was done.

Later in the morning, after a very cold shower, I caught the bus into Kahului to see if they had power, which they did. I was able to finally catch some cell service and get email plus a few other things online. Power crews were working to get the lines back up but by the time I returned to Paia, over 30,000 people on Maui were still without power.

At least one business in Paia was prepared. Mana Foods had the generators going and was even able to take credit cards so nobody was going to starve. As of this the writing of this post, at about 4:00 in the afternoon, still no power, no cell, and no word when it will all be restored. It is raining some more, the remnants of the front, but I suspect they will be getting us back to normal soon and the weather will be more better the rest of the week.

At least it wasn’t a hurricane but it was a pretty good size storm. Proof again the Pacific Ocean is not to be trifled with. And if you are on the mainland wondering what the storm was like, from what I could see by the satellite photos, you’ll all be getting a good taste later in the week.


Capt. Fritter

Around 7:00pm we finally got power and internet back.  Quite the long day.