Nov 082017

I took a ride over to one of my favorite places on the west side of Maui, the Cove, in Kihei.  Here in this little indentation in the shoreline, a steady line of small waves comes in allowing those of us without any surfing prowess to go out and ride the waves.  These little 2 and 3 footers are way more my style compared to the 40 foot killers on the north side.  Here are a few minutes of fun to enjoy…

One of these days I need to go find a paddle board and try my luck out there.  Looks like some more better fun than just sitting on the shore watching.

Capt. Fritter

  3 Responses to “Another Day At The Cove…”

  1. oh I don’t know. I like your role as our uber photographer for those of us who might never get there.
    it does look like fun though. about half way through it the guy jumps off his board and he’s only waist deep!
    up to my chest be even so… I would like that. being able to stand up if I fell off! easier to get back onto the board.
    and I loved it when you panned to show us the side view of the beach and behind the shore. so gorgeous!
    and I also loved the sound of the waves… and no silly music like so many play.
    it’s wonderful for us land locked types to actually get to HEAR the ocean. if I want music i’ll play music.
    very funny WC fields clip. I laughed right out loud. yup.

  2. Go, man, go! It’s time to get back out there.

  3. LOL! atta girl! egg him on!