Nov 162017

Proof once again I can never really get comfortable in a place for any appreciable length of time.

The landlady, or the person whom I assumed was said landlady, informed me both myself, herself, and her two dog selfs, must vacate the premises on Friday for, ‘a few hours’.  It seems the owner of this property, or his evil minion, will be stopping by for the annual inspection and the signing of a new lease.  Whom will be signing said lease?  The landlady’s mother, who resides in the other room.  Seems the place is actually in her name, and one other person whom is not on the islands but on the mainland somewhere.

The one whom I thought was the landlady, her dogs, and it turns out, your’s truly, are not exactly legal to reside here.  So, and apparently this has been going on for well over a decade or more it may not be a big deal, when the lease man cometh, those not named on the lease go-eth, at least for a few hours.  Once the inspection is done-eth, the new lease is signed, all may return-eth and things go back to the way they were-eth.  I hope-eth.

But wait!  There is more.

With the signing of the new lease, comes a slight, according to the fake landlady, rise in rent.  As to how much, and whether or not said increase is passed on to your Captain remains a mystery.  But I am expecting the worse because it usually happens in these sorts of situations.

Ideally, and most likely, this will all pass without incident and we can remain a happy little band of island dwellers.  But I have a bad feeling something not good will come of this.  Total eviction being the worst.  Mayhaps the owner will decide to fix this place up and get much more better rent than is currently being paid.  Or, the increase will be passed onto me, forcing me to make another move in the near future, which I would really prefer not to do.

I can absorb a small increase in rent but not much.  I want to maintain a profit every month, even if it is but a few dollars, but a profit is a profit.  If I start losing money because the rent went up, then I will be forced to find another place.  And right now, with the winter season kicking in, those wretched holidays around the corner, and not a lot of choices out there, finding another place is not going to be fun, even if I am at least living out here instead of trying to obtain a place from 5000 miles away.

It would be super double plus good to be able to stay here at the current rent for at least through next summer, if not longer. I like the location, despite the fact the place is run down, it’s more than comfortable and provides all my needs, and I’m just starting to relax and settle in.

While the physical act of moving involves little more than packing up my adventure bag, changing addresses again, which I just finished up this past week, and settling into another place is not what I had in mind right now.  I can do it, Darwin knows I’ve moved enough over the past few years, but staying put would be more better.

As for the legalities of my staying put, I suspect it’s not a big deal.  I pay my rent on time, early even.  The two wimmen folk pay their rent on time, so the owner, unless he is greedy, and all property slumlords are greedy, should be happy.  But, experience has taught me some hard lessons, and I am expecting the worse.  As always, I keep an eye on the ads for other places here as well as on the Big Island.  Never know what will happen, but no matter what, I won’t be able to relax until this passes.

Gonna be a long Friday.

Capt. Fritter


  2 Responses to “No Rest For The Weary…”

  1. I hate that you are having to deal with this. I hope it goes well.

  2. good lord. after the summer you had.
    you don’t need this.
    at least it’s easy for you to vacate for a few hours.
    you travel so light.
    here’s to getting to stay put for awhile. we’ll hope for the best.