Nov 292017

While you will be spending the next month running yourself ragged with shopping for useless junk, dragging dead foliage into your house and covering it with lights, fighting with sales weasels who would give anything to be anywhere else than behind a sales counter dealing with your shit, arguing with relatives during dinner over the political issues of this country, going to office parties and trying to not embarrass yourself in front of your boss in vain hopes of getting a promotion next year so you will have to work even harder, basing your holiday budget on a hoped for end of the year monetary bonus only to find out you’ll be getting a $25 gift card to the local ham and cheese shop, and generally working your way into cardiac arrest with all the stress, strife, and bullshit these wonderful holidays bring…

Julia and the crew of Snowflake have set sail from the Cape Verde Islands for their trans Atlantic crossing.  With favorable winds and weather, they should be making port in Barbados real close to the end of the year.  You can follow their progress here.

Have a safe trip Snowflake!

And try to relax and not take these holidays so damn seriously.

Capt. Fritter

  One Response to “Happy Holidays…”

  1. I stopped taking holidays seriously when I realized I was the only family member who cared. If Dave’s sister is going to be out of town (which she is for Christmas this year) there aren’t any celebrations on his side of the family either. She hosted Thanksgiving dinner this year then said they’d probably see us next Easter. Which is new. We didn’t use to get invited to Easter dinner. She likes to have a minimum of six people so, with both of her sons and their spouses/kids living abroad now, this year our odds of getting invited are up.