Dec 042017

The owners of the this fine old mansion decided it was time to upgrade the ancient pipe and faucet set up so we are in day 2 of having some plumbers completely repipe and fixture the house.  They come in bright and early and wake up everybody, clanging pipes, drilling, digging, and whatever the hell it is plumbers do.

It’s no big deal really, and when done we will have actual indoor facilities with both hot and cold running water which will be more better.  No more trudging down to the crik with buckets and digging holes behind the shed for the toilet.  But there is one downside.

The ‘illegal’ landlady is terrified said plumbers will discover me living here, ‘illegally’, and go back to tell the owner, resulting in us all being evicted to the streets, destined to starve in the cold of a horrible Maui winter.  So, I have to hide in my room or sneak out when said plumbers are busy plumbing and go away until they leave for the day.  Gotta love paranoia in people.  It’s so dramatic.

I really don’t care.  I can take the bus into town and elsewhere on the island and enjoy myself where there is running water and working toilets, and come back later.  If all goes well, one more day and they should be done.

Then the electricians will be next.


Capt. Fritter

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  1. Then the rent will go up. Sorry about that.