Dec 102017

My semi annual cold from hell came for a visit last week.  It’s been 7 straight days of runny noses, coughing, sneezing, hacking, and generally feeling like shit.  Not sure if it came because of the cool air during the evenings or from riding around in the bus with strangers from other lands, but it has not been fun.  Pretty sure if a plague ever strikes our planet I will be the first to catch whatever malady befalls us.  It won’t kill me, just make me wish I were dead.

Anyways, I’m going to shut down for the rest of the year.  Not much to write about for now and trying to get out and about with all the holiday bustle is a pain in the ass.  Go follow my Twitter and FB feeds for tidbits of snark and bovine fecal matter.  And if you need some reading material or a digital stocking stuffer, the ebooks are always there.  I’ll be back with some of the usual at the end of the month and then be all ready to loot and pillage in 2018 which hopefully will be more better than this past year was.

A big thanks to all of you who took time over the past year to pay the Fritter a visit be it fans, haters, commenters, stalkers, and those merry bands of hackers who keep trying to break in to the Fritter.  Luv ya all.

I hope I was able to entertain, amuse, and maybe enlighten you ever so slightly.  Have a safe rest of the year doing whatever it is you prefer to do, be it holidays, working, or conjuring up evil plots.  Here’s hoping for fair winds, following seas, and a friendly port at your journey’s end.  May your buckles be swashed and your scalleys be wagging.


Capt. Fritter

  2 Responses to “Tis The Season To Snort & Sniffle…”

  1. Yup, you entertained, amused, and maybe even enlightened me a little. Keep on keeping on–once you are well again, of course.

    Conjuring up evil plots sounds like fun; where are my brothers when I need them?

  2. yes. happy egg and nog to you too.
    excuse me. I have to check if I still have a scalley to wag. xo