Dec 202017

What wonderful and brave things did you do this month?

Fight a mob of shoppers to get a deal on $5 waffle makers?

Work extra overtime so your boss can afford to go to Aspen skiing for the holidays while you stay and work?

Shovel a foot of snow from your sidewalk and driveway so you can get your car out of the garage to go to work?

Put yourself in debt for the next year all for the sake of having some extra lights on a dead tree in the living room?

While you were doing all this holiday crap, Julia and the crew of S/V Snowflake just made port at the island Grenada after a successful crossing of the Atlantic Ocean.  You know, the big watery thing between the America’s and Europe?

They sailed it.  Not on a cruise ship. But on a catamaran not much larger than your living room.

More details coming when Julia gets settled and finds some internet.

Congratulations to her for realizing a life long dream.

Capt. Fritter

Think about this when you get a gift card for a ham instead of the holiday cash bonus you were counting on at work.

Maybe it’s high time you found your Snowflake and did some sailing.


  2 Responses to “So How Has Your Holiday Season Been?…”

  1. I haven’t been doing any of those things and I’m glad about that. It is nice to know Julia made it safely across the ocean, though.

  2. Truly amazing… congratulations to Julia!