Dec 302017

End of the year is always a good time to start fresh.  I’ll be making a few changes for 2018, first of which is downsizing a bit online.  After much thought, just kidding, it’s totally spur of the moment, I’m closing my Facebook account and the accompanying page for the Fritter.

I originally got on FB back in 2010 to promote the old paddle board business.  I got into it full and had nearly 400 ‘friends’, most of whom were complete strangers, but it did help get the business out there.  I also hooked up with a few people I knew from olden times, my motorcycle days, and even some whom I went to school with.  But when the paddle board business dried up, I got out.  For a couple years I stayed out until I got the Fritter going and wrote a few books.  FB helped a little bit directing traffic back here and I even managed a few book downloads.  I re upped with some old friends and made a few new ones.

But now, FB is no longer proving to be of any value, more of time waster than anything else.  Traffic is non existent from there and I pretty much dropped all my old friends.  Turns out once we caught up we had little or nothing in common and I really have no desire to add new friends to the mix.

So, sometime in the next day or so, I will be deleting my FB account, the page for the Fritter, and be gone.  If you are following me there, or were one of the few remaining friends, please don’t take it personal.  Nothing happened.  Despite differences in politics or lifestyle, I always enjoyed reading your posts, but I really need to move on and pursue other more important things.  FB just turned into a time waster.  And you can still find me here, as always, frittering away.

As for other social media, the Twitter account will remain.  It’s way more better and I enjoy it a lot, plus, it’s not so invasive with the privacy issues.  Feel free to come aboard and tweet along.

As for FB, maybe someday I will return, but unlikely.  Twice was enough.  Thanks to all who followed and friended me there.  I laughed, I cried, it became a part of me.  Time to move on.

Capt. Fritter

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  1. How am I supposed to bug you now?????