Jan 122018

I made my first foray into the local Whole Foods this week.  I was expecting the worst.  High prices, smug people strutting up and down the aisles, electric cars parked in the lot getting charged up.  Well, two out of three happened.

Actually, I was quite pleased with the store.  Well stocked, nice variety, a very good deli with lots of choices, and lo and behold, the prices were not out of line.  No worse than the godawful Safeway across the street and on a par with Mana Foods which I normally shop because of the convenience of being right down the street.

The store had a large abundance of organics, GMO free, and all the usual fad foods on display.  The deli had some tasty fried chicken and of course there was an over priced, fancy coffee shop indoors.  They take Apple Pay, which is cool.  Outside there is a nice set up of tables and chairs so you can eat outside in the beautiful winter weather we are enjoying out here.  I can see making WF a regular stop now.

Overall, since I came back to Maui, my diet has gone towards the more better, supposedly, with a lot more organic foods, gluten free, GMO free, etc.  I still enjoy some greasy pizza at the Costco Food Court now and then, but I’ve been eating a lot more local stuff like pineapple, and of course I enjoy lots of poke’ when I can get it.  (Safeway still has the best variety of poke’ I have found).  While prices are a bit higher, but not by much, I’ve found the food tastes much more better than what I have been eating in the past.  And with the higher prices I am eating way less than before both because of finances and because I was eating way too much before I came out.  As a result, most of the weight I put on last summer is gone.  So much so, none of my clothes fit me anymore, instead, they more or less hang on me.  Which is ok.  I feel a helluva lot more better now and need to continue with these eating habits.

So, I can add Whole Foods to the menu.  Hipster be damned, I am going to eat good.

Capt. Fritter

I’m at that awkward age.  Too old for Snapchat, too young for Lifealert.

  3 Responses to “Great Darwin’s Holy Beard! I’m Becoming A Hipster…”

  1. It’s amazing how eating well can make your clothes too big. Good for you!

  2. HOO RA! as special ops say after the challenge.
    way to go Capt.
    and thanks for being an inspiration. I’m eating more fresh and healthy now too.
    it makes the difference. I had stupidly gone into the sugar/salt spiral of the holidays. AAAGH.