Jan 132018

How nice.  Around 8:00 this morning, Saturday, Hawaii time, my phone went off with an alert notification.  Most times these alerts are for weather or missing kids but this one sounded different.  I finally crawled out of bed to check and lo and behold, this is what it said:

Needless to say, it definitely woke me up.  Everyone else in the house was up too as they got the same message.  A few minutes later a second alert came declaring the first alert to be a false alarm.  No attack coming.

As of this posting there is no word on any how, why, or what happened.  Computer error, human error, maybe President Dotard-Stable-Genius pushed the button and was stopped in time by the adults in the room or perhaps Skynet finally took over.  Whatever it shook up everyone out here.  Toilet paper and clean underwear will be in short supply today across the islands.

As targets go, should an actual attack happen, the most logical place is Oahu and the base at Pearl Harbor.  Maui really has no military value and we are far enough away and out of the wind patterns if said attack did occur we would probably be okay.  But still, in this day and age, to even be considering the likelihood of nuclear war is absolute insanity.

There is not one single logical reason to ever engage in nuclear war.  None.  But we have an unstable immature idiot at the helm as does North Korea, not to mention a few other countries out there who would launch at the drop of a hat.  Yet nuclear war is discussed like it’s no worse than any other military engagement.

Oh well, nothing we peons can do except go about our lives and hope we don’t all go up in flames or rot away with radiation sickness.  Whomever was responsible for the ‘false alarm’ needs to have their ass lined up against a wall and shot.  In the meantime, everything is still intact out here and it’s paradise as usual, for now.

But still, just damn.

Capt. Fritter