A New Beginning…

What started all this updating stuff was me trying to add some plugins which would not work on the old version of the Fritter.  The site hasn’t been updated in quite a while on the backend, and the only way to do said update was to back up everything, uninstall WordPress, and reinstall a fresh new copy.

Unfortunately, in doing so I lost a lot of archives.  I downloaded what I thought was my entire media library but to my surprise, when I uploaded it back onto the new site, all my photos from the last 3 years, including all my Hawaii images were nowhere to be found.

It’s not too big of a deal.  I am still in Maui and the scenery is still here, last time I looked.  So, it’s just a matter of going out and taking new photos.

All my posts survived but the images are no longer attached to them.  I’ve been looking back at my traffic and most of the old posts are pretty much dead.  So, I’ve been deleting those posts which nobody is reading anymore.  It will enable me to write new stuff with a bit more experience behind me and be more relevant to the blog.

I’ll keep some of the more popular posts which still get some traffic, but overall, the Fritter will be leaner, cleaner, and of course, more better going forward.

All this updating shit may take a few days so bear with me.  You may occasionally stop by and the Fritter may not look quite right.  It’s just me playing around with stuff.  Be patient and it will all come together.

I hope.

Capt. Fritter

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