Dec 102017

My semi annual cold from hell came for a visit last week.  It’s been 7 straight days of runny noses, coughing, sneezing, hacking, and generally feeling like shit.  Not sure if it came because of the cool air during the evenings or from riding around in the bus with strangers from other lands, but it […]

Dec 042017

The owners of the this fine old mansion decided it was time to upgrade the ancient pipe and faucet set up so we are in day 2 of having some plumbers completely repipe and fixture the house.  They come in bright and early and wake up everybody, clanging pipes, drilling, digging, and whatever the hell […]

Nov 292017

While you will be spending the next month running yourself ragged with shopping for useless junk, dragging dead foliage into your house and covering it with lights, fighting with sales weasels who would give anything to be anywhere else than behind a sales counter dealing with your shit, arguing with relatives during dinner over the […]

Crap, Not This Shit Again…

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Nov 272017

If you followed the Fritter back in the days when I was living in the Florida Keys, slowly making my way down from Key Largo to Marathon, and eventually Key West, you well know I had one ongoing battle which about drove me crazy.  Everywhere I lived, be it marina, rv, apartment, trailer trash, I […]

Nov 232017

Enjoy your holidays. Eat too much. Don’t go shopping. Don’t ring up any debt.   Stop wishing and start doing. Did you expect anything but this? “As god is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly” And the legendary Alice’s Restaurant.  50 years old and still going strong. Capt.Fritter I’d still take Bailey over Jennifer […]

Nov 212017

You know what I’m talking about this week.  Don’t do it.  Don’t even think about doing it.  Just don’t. What am I talking about? Black Friday.  The day after Thanksgiving.  The day after you have spent sitting at the table stuffing yourself full of delicious bird and filling and arguing with your relatives about how […]

Nov 182017

Friday came and went and I still have a place to live, as far as I know.  The property inspector was in and out in a few minutes, according to the landlady, and everything is back to normal.  I spent the day mostly on the bus listening to some urban outdoorsmen discussing how the proposed […]

Nov 122017

While your mall back up north somewhere is trotting out the stale holiday decorations and cleaning up the pee stained throne for some drunken Santa to sit on whilst he fondles the kids, here in Maui, at the mall, they do some more better things.  Grab your headphones, a bowl of poke’, and enjoy a […]

Nov 102017

It’s been two months since Hurricane Irma struck the Florida Keys leaving vast devastation in it’s wake.  So how are the Keys doing since then?  Without actually being there, but following what I can online, it looks like for the most part, the islands have recovered rather well, depending on which island one is on. […]

Nov 052017

Having spent most of my life in areas where people travel to and fro on a regular basis, I’ve been able to make some distinctions between those who would qualify as tourists, and those who would be travelers.  Care to come and examine the differences?  Well, grab your adventure bag and let’s go. While there […]

Oct 282017

Thanks to some stormy weather and steady trade winds, some serious waves built up this weekend to the east of Paia.  Down the road a bit further they held the Pe’ahi Challenge, a world class surfing event at a place affectionately known as ,’Jawz’.  Waves were to range in size from, ‘Egads’, to, ‘Ain’t no […]

Is She Rich?…

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Oct 272017

Last summer I sat down to dinner one night with the family and some close friends. We sat around and talked about the usual shit they talk about back there, mainly doctor appointments, who was dying, and when Jebus would return and smite all the non white people. But eventually the conversation turned to other […]

It Wasn’t A Hurricane..

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Oct 252017

All good things come to an end, even in a tropical paradise. This week the perfect weather ended when a massive cold front came barreling through the islands on Monday. It was predicted all the previous week and lived up to the forecast. This thing was big, stretching north all the way to Alaska with […]

Oct 212017
Crossing Oceans and Chasing Dreams...

While you are sitting in your cubicle farm dreaming of spending the weekend raking leaves and shuttering the house for winter, Julia is sitting in her catamaran SnowFlake getting ready to cross the Atlantic.  I asked her to send me some guest posts about her voyage to post here on the Fritter.  Here is the […]

Oct 182017
Living With The Windows Open...

When I was existing, because it sure as hell wasn’t living, in the depths of Pennsylvania this past summer, there was not a single day which went by without having to take into account the weather.  What I mean is, no matter what the weather was, somebody wasn’t happy with it, and changes had to […]