Jan 022017

So, you made it through the holiday season.  You put in all those extra hours.  You went the extra mile for the customer as well as the company.  You came in early, stayed late, missed all the holiday fun so you could hit those sales goals, complete the inventories, and get those TPS reports filed […]

Jan 012017

Whew!  If you are reading this, in this current dimension in which we exist, congratulations.  You survived 2016.  A lot of people didn’t.  So if you are reading this from a dimension beyond the grave, drop a comment and let us know how things are.  Just curious. It was a helluva year.  If there is […]

Dec 252016
Still Strumming His Six String...

Wow, Jimmy is 70 today.  What an amazing life and he ain’t done yet. But if you ask me, I think we go a bit overboard celebrating his birthday what with the decorations, gift giving and all. But, who else’s birthday are you gonna celebrate this time of the year?  Nope, can’t think of anyone, […]


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Dec 172016

Yeah, I’m in my usual holiday mood.  Watching a Xmas Carol in reverse so it has a happy ending doesn’t even help.  Maybe someone will write a version where Scrooge joins the Ghostbusters and finally kicks those asshole spirits into the next dimension where they belong. Hawaii is no different when it comes to the […]

Good Riddance You Son Of A Bitch…

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Nov 272016
Good Riddance You Son Of A Bitch...

It’s not often one can revel in the fact someone else has died, but in this case, an exception can be made.  Fidel Castro, Cuban dictator and all around asshole finally smoked his last cigar this past Friday.  For those of you not born in the 1950’s, Castro was one of the three big bogey men […]

Stay Out Of Retail…

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Nov 262016
Stay Out Of Retail...

As the riots over towels and toilet paper continue, I sit back out here in the middle of the Pacific and remember with great fondness, the many years I worked retail during the holiday season…just kidding.  It was hell on earth. If you work retail, number one…quit now.  Get out while you still have some semblance […]

We Will Never Learn…

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Nov 252016

Once again, as it seems every year, our country shows the rest of the world how stupid we really are.  Yes boys and girls, and those who can’t make up their minds, it’s our favorite time of the year once again…the day after Thanksgiving.  Instead of relaxing and digesting the big dinner from the day before, […]

Nov 242016

And if anyone tries to throw a guilt trip on you for enjoying so much good food, whack ’em upside the head with a drumstick.  The only thing you should feel guilty about is body slamming Gramma to get at the last slice of pie.  But then again, she should not have gotten between you […]

Nov 102016
Are You Not Entertained?...

My goodness.  Quite a spectacle wasn’t it?  Lots of theatrics, drama, comic relief, and in the end, everybody lost, except of course for the owners of this country who are laughing at us whilst sitting on their luxury yacht sipping champagne, eating the meat of some endangered species, and grabbing women’s genitals. Let me preface […]

Oct 262016

Key West.  This week is the infamous party which nobody is allowed to mention by name on a blog, post, in social media, or mixed company, because the owners of said party don’t understand how to internet.  But no matter, it’s going on now and Duval is rocking away.  Here is a link to the […]

Oct 242016
The Mysterious Maui Jeeps...

I’ve notice something rather odd lately.  Everywhere I go on Maui I see jeeps.  Lots of jeeps.  But not just regular everyday jeeps.  Most of these said jeeps are late model 4 door Wranglers in white with black tops.  They are all over the place.  One day I must have counted 3 dozen.  Just driving […]

Oct 162016
The First Thing You're Gonna Say Is...

I’ve dreamt of doing a lot of things over the course of my life.  Visiting faraway lands, having adventures, doing exciting things, and generally living a real life. And surprisingly, I’ve managed to actually make more than a few dreams come true. I moved to Florida, learned to scuba dive, rode a Harley across the […]

Aug 032016
The Doctor Will See You....NOW!...

Quick!  How many of you out there in Fritter land have one of these things?… Yeah, I thought so.  This is a standard accoutrement at every dinner table around here.  For those who are unfamiliar with this device, it’s a simple pill reminder box.  Labeled with the days of the week, each compartment contains the […]

Jul 242016

You unfortunate people on the mainland may have heard something now and then about how laid back and relaxing living on an island can be.  Not just Key West but any island.  I can speak from experience when I say it’s all pretty much true.  When you settle in on an island, life takes on […]

May 052016

Cinco De Mayo, or the 5th of May, has somehow become a national holiday in the U.S.A.  Essentially it has become another excuse to go out, get drunk, and eat bad food.  Like all the other invented holidays we have.  While everyone is out slurping down margaritas and destroying their lower intestines with burritos and […]

Mar 312016

While it was good to get the tooth fixed the other day, there is a downside.  As is common with just about any trip to a medical facility, the doctor is compelled to load up the patient with prescriptions and drugs.  And now, I’m a part of it. I despise taking any kind of drugs.  Even […]

Feb 162016

5 years.  I cannot believe it.  The Fritter is 5 years old today.  When I started this thing I had no idea where I was going with it, but here we are, still going strong.  Still growing.  Still snarky as ever. Of all the things I’ve done, of all the adventures, all the trials and […]

Feb 142016

Seriously.  We need to sit down and reboot the entire year.  Shit can all the current holidays and start over again from scratch.  And the rules should be: Only one holiday per month. No preparing for said holiday until the previous one has passed.  Meaning you won’t find xmas shit in the stores in August. […]