Dec 302016

Remember HWSNBN?  You should.  Most of this blog centered around his antics during 2013 and 14.  For those of you new to the Fritter, HWSNBN, (He Who Shall Not Be Named), is a greedy bastard of a developer who bought out the Oceanside Marina on Stock Island where I used to reside on my little […]

Dec 052016

Allow me please, to interrupt the Off The Grid series because I came across a couple articles in the local Key West fish wrapper which I want to expound upon.  The Sunday edition has two stories:  One in regards to the infamous shopping center with a wallymart planned for Rockland Key.  You’ll need to buy a […]

Good Riddance You Son Of A Bitch…

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Nov 272016
Good Riddance You Son Of A Bitch...

It’s not often one can revel in the fact someone else has died, but in this case, an exception can be made.  Fidel Castro, Cuban dictator and all around asshole finally smoked his last cigar this past Friday.  For those of you not born in the 1950’s, Castro was one of the three big bogey men […]

Might As Well Join The Fun…

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Nov 222016

I’ve decided to run a little sale for the holidays.  Since I can’t sell my charming wit and devastating good looks, (at least not without violating some stupid court order), I’m having a sale on the next best thing, my wonderful collection of ebooks.  From now until the end of the year, you can get […]

Nov 132016

Enough with all the election bullshit.  Time to move on to more important matters. I’ve begun the process of making Hawaii my permanent residence.  It’s going to take a few more months to complete, mainly due to logistics and tax purposes, but by the spring, if all goes right, and the new government does not […]

Oct 262016

Key West.  This week is the infamous party which nobody is allowed to mention by name on a blog, post, in social media, or mixed company, because the owners of said party don’t understand how to internet.  But no matter, it’s going on now and Duval is rocking away.  Here is a link to the […]

Oct 162016
The First Thing You're Gonna Say Is...

I’ve dreamt of doing a lot of things over the course of my life.  Visiting faraway lands, having adventures, doing exciting things, and generally living a real life. And surprisingly, I’ve managed to actually make more than a few dreams come true. I moved to Florida, learned to scuba dive, rode a Harley across the […]

Oct 072016
It's Looking Pretty Bad...

Mass evacuations, long lines at gas stations, empty shelves in the stores, shootings, panic in the streets.  But hey, enough about the upcoming elections, there is a hurricane hitting Florida right now. As of this posting, Matthew has just about crossed the Bahamas and is rolling up the east coast of Florida.  It may or […]

Oct 042016

Even though I’m half way around the world from this storm, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention it and how dangerous it’s about to get. As of this posting Matthew was crossing western Cuba and heading for the Bahamas.  From there, all forecasts appear to have it run up real close along the east coast […]

Oct 022016

And I mean it literally. One of the more refreshing things about Hawaii, there is no gambling.  None.  No casinos, no horse racing, no dog racing, no Jai alai,  no cock fighting, not even bingo.  And best of all, no lottery.  The island seems dead set against any form of wagering and this is a good thing. […]

Sep 302016
Best September Ever...

Have you ever spent a long time trying to make an important decision?  Something which would have long term effects on your life?  A decision which may be risky if you decide wrong?  It could cost you a lot of money, time, and have severe consequences if you have errored in your judgement?  And when […]

Sep 132016
Aloha From Maui...

Yes, I am just as surprised as you are.  To semi quote a famous old rock band, “What a long strange trip it has been.”  But here I am, at the other end of the world, sitting on an island thousands of miles from the mainland, and enjoying every minute of it. “So, what happened.”, […]

Sep 102016
When In Doubt, There Are Always Sunsets...

It’s been far too long since I have seen a proper sunset.  You don’t get them up there in the hinterlands.  The sun vanishes way too quickly behind the mountains and doesn’t have the same pizzazz as it does here in Key West.  Nobody celebrates sunsets like they do here at the end of the […]

Sep 072016
The Loooong Winter Ahead...

With the official end of summer in the rearview mirror, because anywhere north of Florida, summer ends at Labor Day, it means the start of 9 months of cold, dreary, depressing, lifeless, meaningless, drudgery.  Everybody dresses down in dark heavy clothing.  The short days are spent cleaning up leaves, shoveling snow, or scraping ice.  Not […]

Aug 232016

You’ve read the book.  But did you ever wonder what the Captain looks like?  Well, here is his standard wardrobe in all it’s glory: Wait!  What do you mean, you haven’t read the book????  What the hell is the matter with you?  It has everything you could want in a single download…drama, comedy, romance, intrigue, […]

Aug 232016

Summer ended over the weekend here in the southern Arctic known as central Pennsylvania.  For the past few weeks it has been nice and warm, temps up near 90, with lows at night in the 70’s, and all everyone did around here is bitch about the heat.  Except me of course.  But on the past Sunday, […]

Aug 202016

It’s been nearly 7 years now since I paid off my last debt.  It was the infamous credit card which I had maintained for over 30 years.  I borrowed heavily with it, and in the final months, I had maxed it out to finance my paddle board business.  It was then I received a thank […]

Aug 142016
Hurricane Charley...

It was about this time 12 years ago when Hurricane Charley paid a visit to Florida.  It came up through the Caribbean, passing just west of the Florida Keys, and then came across the middle of Florida, right where I was living northeast of Orlando.  I remember this storm well for a variety of reasons. […]