Oct 052017

As you know, I like to travel light.  Probably lighter than the average person.  I carry my trusty Serbag with a few scraps of clothes squished up into compression bags, very handy for saving space btw, a few personal documents, my MacAir of course, and little else.  Things like cosmetics, towel, and other non necessities I […]

The Manatee Fritters Store…

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May 022017

In the never ending quest to generate a few extra bucks I’ve dispensed with the Amazon ad in the sidebar and opened a small Amazon storefront on this page.  The ebooks, as always are on there, along with my ever popular line of captain’s wear.  Yes, you too can look just like Capt. Fritter, with […]

Feb 202017

Yes, you read the title correctly, I have found a downside to a minimalist lifestyle.  It’s not much, but it is aggravating as all hell.  Let me ‘splain. I practice a minimalist lifestyle in many ways, not just in physical possessions.  I try to keep as many aspects of life to a minimal and uncomplicated […]

Jan 312017
It's Something Almost All Of Us Go Through...

Ok, no island pictures, no political rants this time.  We are gonna talk about something which almost all of us has had to face at one time, the death of a loved one.  This is a long post so please be patient and take some time to read it through.  Lots of important stuff here. […]

Jan 252017

In my never ending quest to do more with less, I bring you the story of the iPhone and the changes I have made regarding said device. I’ve been a fan of the iPhone since it first came out and it has become a very important piece of equipment for my day to day existence.  I […]

The Fritter Is Now On Pinterest…

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Dec 062016

I decided to expand the evil empire even further and have opened a Pinterest account.  I’m still trying to figger out all the ins and outs of the damn thing but I do have a couple boards up now.  And if you notice when you hover over an image most anywhere on the blog you […]

Aug 102016

I’m not very good at communicating verbally.  I tend to speak quickly, not think before I speak (unlike the extensive thought I put in before typing these sure to be award winning posts), and I have a tendency not to give a Norwegian rodents posterior if what I say offends somebody.  Hint:  It usually does. […]

Jul 162016

No, it’s not an euphemism for being sexually abused in Pa.  FOAP is an neat little app which allows all us budding photographers to maybe make a buck or two. A quick tip of the Tilly to Rich in Joisey for sending me the link to this sure to be a money making enterprise. The […]

Feb 162016

5 years.  I cannot believe it.  The Fritter is 5 years old today.  When I started this thing I had no idea where I was going with it, but here we are, still going strong.  Still growing.  Still snarky as ever. Of all the things I’ve done, of all the adventures, all the trials and […]

Jan 302016

It’s one thing to come up with the idea for a book.  It’s quite another to actually put said idea into words.  It’s not as easy as it seems.  Especially when you don’t have any writing ability. I was terrible in high school English classes.  Diagramming sentences, grammar, all that.  I hated it.  It didn’t […]

Jan 102016

Notice anything different?  Yeah, I did’t get as much done as planned.  Searched some new themes but nothing really stood out so for now the Fritter will remain the same.  I did go back in and clean out some old archives.  You would be amazed how much space images take up in memory.  The stuff […]

Jan 082016

No, they ain’t gonna dig up North Roosevelt again.  Nope, this is much more important. It’s time for the Fritter to get some much needed upgrading and maintenance.  I’ve been using the same format for awhile now and some of the backend stuff like code and memory are getting stretched to the limits.  Much like […]

Oct 152015

October is usually a pretty good month for me.  The weather gets milder here in the islands, football is in full swing, and I generally feel somewhat optimistic, for unknown reasons.  Said optimism usually passes quickly with reality but I enjoy the moment while I can.  Financially, October is one of the more better months […]

Oct 042015

Well, not from a place which does not exist, but even more better.  The start of October was a bit pleasant when I checked my bank statement and found not one, but two royalty deposits from my three year old, still cranking them out, not so best selling ebook, “Moving To The Florida Keys“.   Both […]

Sep 162015

Talk of getting a new computer brought up a comment from Linda, which in turn gave me the inspiration for this post.  See how easy it is sometimes to write this stuff?  Anyways, If you are like me and tend to upgrade your computing items, be it desk tops, laptops, tablets, or phones every so […]

Aug 162015

You might remember early last week, in between drunk whores and abusive evictees, my iPhone battery was in need of replacing.  I went on Amazon.com and ordered a replacement battery with all the necessary tools to complete the repair, paid for said kit, and awaited it’s arrival this past Friday.  During the week I received no […]

Aug 082015
I'll Make Do...

It’s been rough for the old Captain lately.  Constant financial issues, dealing with losses both personal and physical, and over the past week, the problems with simply living in a room.  Through it all, however, I’ve been able to maintain some semblance of an income by way of the computer and the iPhone.  If something […]

Jun 142015

Really and truly.  A job.  With Google.  In fact, lots of stuff has been happening lately.  I’ve been notified of a cure for my tinnitus.  I got special deals on renting jets.  I can pick up a yacht anytime I want.  Trip to Hawaii?  Lot’s of good deals there.  Plus, NASA has accidentally found a […]

Jun 042015

At least, not in Florida anymore.  Seems the City of Cape Coral is taking a heavy handed approach to a woman who’s house is not hooked up to the electric/water/sewer grid.  She was taken to court for multiple code violations, found guilty, and ordered to vacate her home, which she owns.  The judge in the […]