Jun 042015

At least, not in Florida anymore.  Seems the City of Cape Coral is taking a heavy handed approach to a woman who’s house is not hooked up to the electric/water/sewer grid.  She was taken to court for multiple code violations, found guilty, and ordered to vacate her home, which she owns.  The judge in the […]

Jul 022012

Hot enough for ya?  Blistering heat, humidity, sudden fierce storms with high winds and lightning, power outages, or as we call it here in the Key’s…Tuesday. Seriously though, we here on the rocks can relate.  We know what you are going through up there in the mainland with this heat wave.  It’s some kind of […]

Jun 192012
Ditching the Paper Habit...

Around the end of 2010 I made a conscious decision to give up paper.  It was becoming an annoying habit and it was time to stop.  The digital age had finally progressed enough that I was confident that I could eliminate virtually all paper in my life.  And I was right. For years, I would […]

Container and tiny houses in the news…

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Apr 192012

Still think houses built from containers have to be ugly? Check out this one… Then there is this tiny house in Sweden. Do you get the feeling that people are getting fed up with the same old cookie cutter, energy wasting, army barracks that pass for housing these days? Capt. Fritter Or we could all […]

Car free in the Keys!…

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Aug 042011

Well, the deal is done. The jeep is sold. It took two months of selling, negotiating, and wading through bullshit but it finally happened. Many lives were lost. The economies of the world were thrown into utter chaos but the jeep has finally found a new owner. A nice gentleman from New Orleans stepped up […]

Paper, plastic, or Canvas

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Mar 262011

I quit using plastic bags when I moved to the Keys.  Or at least I have tried to stop using them.  It isn’t easy.  Some stores promote the canvas shopping bags, touting them as the green alternative, but putting it into practice is another thing.  I have acquired over the last few years about a […]