Jan 162018
So, What If It Had Been The Real Thing...

The dust has settled.  The kids are out of the sewers.  Everyone has clean underwear again.  Hawaii is back to normal, sort of. The official story is someone, a person who has yet to be identified so as to protect his ass, pressed the wrong button, made the wrong selection from a drop down menu, […]

Jan 142018
The Day After, Hawaiian Style...

After yesterday’s kerfuffle I spent the rest of Saturday and the evening scrubbing the skid marks out of my shorts and binge watching Mad Max movies, you know, for survival tips.  Trust the ol’ Captain when I say the last thing you want to wake up to is an alert on your phone telling you […]

Jan 122018
Great Darwin's Holy Beard! I'm Becoming A Hipster...

I made my first foray into the local Whole Foods this week.  I was expecting the worst.  High prices, smug people strutting up and down the aisles, electric cars parked in the lot getting charged up.  Well, two out of three happened. Actually, I was quite pleased with the store.  Well stocked, nice variety, a […]

About 30 Seconds Of What Civilized Weather Looks Like…

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Jan 112018

No ‘bomb cyclones’.  No ‘polar vortex’.  No mudslides.  No weather bunnies in tight t-shirts standing in hurricane force winds.  Just sunshine, a nice breeze, and in the low 80’s. How is the view from your cubicle today?  Can you even see outside?  When is the last time you felt some warm tropical air on your […]

Jan 042018

Or polar vortex.  But, ‘bomb cyclone‘?  This is what happens when you let the advertising department run your media.  They make up fancy terms for the weather so the weather bunnies sound smart.  Here’s a word for what is coming… Winter. The same thing which occurs every year from Dec.21st to March 21st.  Just like […]

The Minimalist Budget, Hawaiian Style…

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Jan 032018
The Minimalist Budget, Hawaiian Style...

It’s time once again Fritter fans to take a look at how expensive, or inexpensive, a minimalist lifestyle can be, as viewed from a small island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  A few years ago I did an economic experiment where I endeavored to live in the Florida Keys for under $50 a […]

Jan 012018

2017 is over and done with.  It was without a doubt one of the most bizarre years in recent memory.  A madman took over as ‘leader’ of the U.S.A.  His policies have been nothing short of scary.  The environment, once on the road to being protected is now being open for corporations to plunder to […]

Dec 102017

My semi annual cold from hell came for a visit last week.  It’s been 7 straight days of runny noses, coughing, sneezing, hacking, and generally feeling like shit.  Not sure if it came because of the cool air during the evenings or from riding around in the bus with strangers from other lands, but it […]

Dec 042017

The owners of the this fine old mansion decided it was time to upgrade the ancient pipe and faucet set up so we are in day 2 of having some plumbers completely repipe and fixture the house.  They come in bright and early and wake up everybody, clanging pipes, drilling, digging, and whatever the hell […]

Crap, Not This Shit Again…

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Nov 272017

If you followed the Fritter back in the days when I was living in the Florida Keys, slowly making my way down from Key Largo to Marathon, and eventually Key West, you well know I had one ongoing battle which about drove me crazy.  Everywhere I lived, be it marina, rv, apartment, trailer trash, I […]

Nov 232017

Enjoy your holidays. Eat too much. Don’t go shopping. Don’t ring up any debt.   Stop wishing and start doing. Did you expect anything but this? “As god is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly” And the legendary Alice’s Restaurant.  50 years old and still going strong. Capt.Fritter I’d still take Bailey over Jennifer […]

Nov 182017

Friday came and went and I still have a place to live, as far as I know.  The property inspector was in and out in a few minutes, according to the landlady, and everything is back to normal.  I spent the day mostly on the bus listening to some urban outdoorsmen discussing how the proposed […]

Nov 122017

While your mall back up north somewhere is trotting out the stale holiday decorations and cleaning up the pee stained throne for some drunken Santa to sit on whilst he fondles the kids, here in Maui, at the mall, they do some more better things.  Grab your headphones, a bowl of poke’, and enjoy a […]

Nov 102017

It’s been two months since Hurricane Irma struck the Florida Keys leaving vast devastation in it’s wake.  So how are the Keys doing since then?  Without actually being there, but following what I can online, it looks like for the most part, the islands have recovered rather well, depending on which island one is on. […]

Nov 052017

Having spent most of my life in areas where people travel to and fro on a regular basis, I’ve been able to make some distinctions between those who would qualify as tourists, and those who would be travelers.  Care to come and examine the differences?  Well, grab your adventure bag and let’s go. While there […]