Jan 012017

Whew!  If you are reading this, in this current dimension in which we exist, congratulations.  You survived 2016.  A lot of people didn’t.  So if you are reading this from a dimension beyond the grave, drop a comment and let us know how things are.  Just curious. It was a helluva year.  If there is […]


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Dec 172016

Yeah, I’m in my usual holiday mood.  Watching a Xmas Carol in reverse so it has a happy ending doesn’t even help.  Maybe someone will write a version where Scrooge joins the Ghostbusters and finally kicks those asshole spirits into the next dimension where they belong. Hawaii is no different when it comes to the […]

Off the Grid, Hawaiian Style – It’s Fun To Look…

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Dec 062016
Off the Grid, Hawaiian Style - It's Fun To Look...

And dream a little now and then.  You never know what dreams may come true. One minute you could be stuck in a foggy, cold, grey, dreary ass town in the middle of the shittiest shithole state in the union, next minute you are sitting on the beach in Maui.  So dreams are good.  Let’s […]

Dec 042016

In the previous post about living off the grid, Hawaiian Style, I mentioned the possibility of buying a piece of land here in Hawaii and building a small house for less than the cost of new vehicle.  Would you like to see an example? Say hello to Kristie Wolfe.  Kristie has made a nice little […]

Dec 022016

In the previous post about Living Off The Grid, Hawaiian Style, I talked at length about the unaffordability of mainstream housing in the islands, at least when it comes to buying something.  Which leaves renting or going with something off the grid and/or tiny.  When one goes off the grid to live, there are three […]

Dec 012016

Finding an affordable place to live in Hawaii is a challenge.  I looked at all sorts of options before coming out here and I am still looking today, despite how nice the place is where I currently rent.  As is my M.O., I am alway looking for something different, out of the ordinary, off the […]

Nov 282016
The Swap Meet...

Back to some happier stuff.  Every Saturday morning on the campus of the University of Hawaii at Kahului there is a local swapmeet/fleamarket.  It’s a cool little set up with a few hundred vendors selling arts & crafts, mostly homemade, clothing, and lots of locally grown produce and other goodies.  I stopped in over the […]

Nov 242016

And if anyone tries to throw a guilt trip on you for enjoying so much good food, whack ’em upside the head with a drumstick.  The only thing you should feel guilty about is body slamming Gramma to get at the last slice of pie.  But then again, she should not have gotten between you […]

Nov 132016

Enough with all the election bullshit.  Time to move on to more important matters. I’ve begun the process of making Hawaii my permanent residence.  It’s going to take a few more months to complete, mainly due to logistics and tax purposes, but by the spring, if all goes right, and the new government does not […]

Nov 102016
Are You Not Entertained?...

My goodness.  Quite a spectacle wasn’t it?  Lots of theatrics, drama, comic relief, and in the end, everybody lost, except of course for the owners of this country who are laughing at us whilst sitting on their luxury yacht sipping champagne, eating the meat of some endangered species, and grabbing women’s genitals. Let me preface […]

Nov 062016

I despise winter, as any of you who follow this overdue-for-some-sort-of-an-award-winning blog well know.  It’s not just the cold, snow, freezing temps, gray skies, lack of warmth, slush, icy dark hell, and a mass of crappy holidays, it’s the damn time changes we go through every year. Said time change took place last night and […]

Nov 052016
Sandals, Slippers, & Flip Flops...

Very few people here in Hawaii wear what would be considered regular footwear.  Shoes, boots, and the like.  Some do, out of necessity for work or other activities, but by far, the majority out here wear open style footwear, namely, as the title suggests, sandals, slippers, and flip flops. When I arrived here I had […]

Nov 032016
A Taste Of Maui...

One of the things I planned on doing when I got to Hawaii was to sample as much of the local cuisine as possible.  With the exception of darwinawful Mexican/Latino/southwest cooking, which I despise, I pretty much enjoy a lot of other dishes from other cultures.  I grew up on the classic meat and taters […]

Nov 022016
Eatin' Out On Maui...

I’m not big on restaurants.  Most of the time I prefer to just eat at home.  Restaurants are usually too expensive, the food is of questionable quality, and the waitstaff are one condescending sneer away from getting slapped in the face with a plate of fries.  Nevetheless, I do get tired of my own cooking […]