Jul 142013

I’ve been getting this question a lot lately. Mostly from people who have 30+ foot long vessels, packed full of crap, along with overstuffed dock boxes, and vehicles with barely enough room for the driver, because of all the other crap they have. They cannot wrap their heads around the fact that everything I truly […]

Jul 082013

Firstly, the knee is fine. As bad as it hurt when I twisted/turned/pulled/sprained/broke it the other day by the simple act of going down the steps into the cabin, it’s like nothing happened and it feels fine.  No swelling, bruising, or after effects.  So far. As for the boat swap, I’m still waiting for the […]

Jun 242013

I know I am getting way ahead of myself over this boat swap deal, but I still have a gut feeling that it will happen.  Assuming that it does, I will be making some major lifestyle changes.  In other words, if you think I live minimally now, it’s about to get more minimally. The boat […]

Jun 232013
They Say There Be Magic In These Here Islands...

And being the unbelieving atheist that I am, I tend to brush aside such hogswallop.  Then again, sometimes I wonder. It seems, my fellow Fritters, that I may have an accord regarding an exchange of vessels.  Now calm down, calm down.  It hasn’t happened yet and many things could screw up the deal, but so […]