Dec 102015

No, not me.  I’m down now to just a constant nagging cough.  Slowly getting my energy back a little and starting to feel almost human again.  I’m still not sure what it was I got so I went online again and listed out the symptoms.  Lessee:  cough, fever, aches and pains, grouchy, bloated, mood swings….HOLY […]

Sep 242015

You can tell when it’s quiet around this rock when I don’t post anything for more than a couple of days.  With the bikers gone there won’t be too much happening until the big party in late October.  You can tell it’s already taking hold.  All the storefronts which are normally empty all year get […]

Dec 102014
Living Aboard:  An Early Xmas Present...

As I was walking by the marina store I spied an official looking letter posted on the door.  Never a good sign.  And sure enough, it was bad news.  Rents are going up by $100 starting in January.  With the associated increase in tax too, my rent will now go up to $720.00.  It would […]

Jul 032014

Last month I wrote about the trials and tribulations an acquaintance of mine was having regarding his living accommodations.  Well, there has been some new developments in that story.  Would you like to hear about it?  Sure you would. Said acquaintance was given the heads up by his landlord that said rental property, where he […]