Oct 032017

When I went back to the land of the waddling dead for the summer I did so with a clear purpose in mind.  No, not to see how many old people I could irritate to death, although it was a bonus, but to see if I could sock some money away for the next adventure. […]

Jul 102015

Once in a while it happens.  The stars align just right, things fall into place, and all is well with the world.  At least it seemed so this week for a change.  I’ve been struggling week by week to get things off the ground and gain some decent income without much success.  Every week has […]

Nov 022014

I ran into a former neighbor from that “other place” where I used to exist, because calling it living there would be a stretch.  I asked how things were going and much to my surprise, it’s gotten worse.  Just kidding….I wasn’t surprised.  In fact, it’s going about the way I thought it would. Seems he […]