Oct 032017

When I went back to the land of the waddling dead for the summer I did so with a clear purpose in mind.  No, not to see how many old people I could irritate to death, although it was a bonus, but to see if I could sock some money away for the next adventure. […]

Jun 052017
Something Not To Look Forward Too...

You all know my minimalist lifestyle.  I began a minimalist journey some 17 years ago.  I went from a house full of shit, complete with mortgage, along with other assorted toys and debts, to little more than a bag with a few scraps of clothes, a laptop, and a phone.  I’ve been hardcore minimalist now […]

Feb 052017
Still Adjusting...

I’ve been out here in the middle of the Pacific ocean now for 6 months.  It’s been quite the interesting experience suddenly living where everyone said I could not.  The weather continues to remain near constantly sunny and mild.  I haven’t been too cold nor too hot.  Have had no need for ac nor heat. […]

Jun 172016

While I am living up in the cold, dank, rainy north for the moment, the place I am staying in does have it’s perks.  One of which is broadband internet.  But, I haven’t been using it because there is no wifi available for said broadband, until now. I’ve been paying Sprint an unDarwiny amount of money […]

The Guide To Proper Key West Attire…

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May 152016

If you are going to go to Key West be it for vacation, to live, or loot & pillage, it does help to dress correctly for your island stay.  Nothing says tourist or mainlander like a heavy dark shirt, denim cutoffs, and socks with sandals.  If you are going to be on the island, look […]

The eGuide To Stand Up Paddle Boarding In The Florida Keys…

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Mar 082016
The eGuide To Stand Up Paddle Boarding In The Florida Keys...

The eGuide To Stand Up Paddle Boarding In The Florida Keys Do you enjoy stand up paddle boarding?  Interested in doing some paddling in the Florida Keys?  Have you thought about starting up a stand up paddle board business?  Then you have come to the right place. This is an eguide with information on stand up […]

Feb 252016

It is done.  The ebook is published and for sale on three platforms now.  I’ve set up a page with handy links to all the ways you can spend your $2.99.  Here is the link: Tales Of The Manatee Fritter-Captain, Are You Ready? Thanks to everyone who contributed on the gofundme and others who gave […]

Jan 302016

It’s one thing to come up with the idea for a book.  It’s quite another to actually put said idea into words.  It’s not as easy as it seems.  Especially when you don’t have any writing ability. I was terrible in high school English classes.  Diagramming sentences, grammar, all that.  I hated it.  It didn’t […]

Jan 192016

Time to get off my ass and get some shit done.  I’ve been sitting around dealing with crap and putting off this project for way to long. After the amazing success of my last ebook, Moving to The Florida Keys, links to the lower left on the sidebar, I was inspired to come up with […]

Sep 162015

Talk of getting a new computer brought up a comment from Linda, which in turn gave me the inspiration for this post.  See how easy it is sometimes to write this stuff?  Anyways, If you are like me and tend to upgrade your computing items, be it desk tops, laptops, tablets, or phones every so […]

Jul 212015

Yesterday whilst sifting through the hundreds of spam emails I get every day now, and special thanks to the son of bitches who felt it necessary to put me on said email lists…We will meet someday…I happened across a comment from Martha, down in the Caribbean.  Normally if I get a good comment I might […]

Thinking Of Writing A Book? Here’s Some Help…

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Dec 062012

Now that I have two…count ’em…2 books on the iBookstore that qualifies me to employ my PHD in slinging bovine fecal matter and help out anyone else who may be looking to get their manuscript published.  And besides, it’s a slow week and I need to post something.  So here goes… If indeed you are […]