Peace In Our Time…

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Sep 082015

The weekend I was dreading never came to pass.  In fact, it was downright quiet and boring.  Nothing unusual happened and things seem to be back to normal. The landlord went back to work as of last Friday, now working an evening shift.  Last Thursday he was still pounding down the beer pretty good but […]

Sep 032015

In what should come as a shock to nobody, the whore has returned twice since they moved out.  She came by briefly yesterday afternoon because she ‘forgot’ something.  Today she came back yet again around noon and since then she has been sitting in the yard with the radio going, right outside my window, drinking […]

Sep 022015

It got quiet. I haven’t been posting much about the drama with the living situation lately what with all the kerfuffle about the hurricane that never was and the new poison factory opening on North Roosevelt, but there was drama aplenty.  Let me get you up to date. I was dreading the weekend again because […]

Aug 252015

Against my more better judgement, although I’ve never really had any more better judgement, I have paid for another week in the home from hell.  I really had no choice.  Finances are improving but not nearly enough to make a change.  I ran through all sorts of scenarios involving me doing everything from a straight […]

Aug 232015

For all the bluster and bullshit of Friday night, nothing has changed.  The evicted tenant is still in his room.  If he is leaving he is showing no signs of it so far.  The landlord has calmed down and said nothing more to my knowledge.  When I saw him yesterday he said nothing about what […]

Aug 092015

This morning was a flurry of activity around this dump.  The landlord, still drinking but not as heavily, busied himself with trying to return to the living.  The toilet got mostly fixed, at least it quit leaking on the floor.  The washing machine has been going non stop all day.  Somebody went to the store […]

Aug 082015

It’s Saturday afternoon now, and here is where things stand with the current living crisis. Yesterday afternoon, I heard one of the whores tell internet stranger it was time to leave.  And leave they did, together.  I’m now wondering if internet stranger was a ‘business associate’ of the whore, perhaps handling the finances and such. […]

Aug 062015

It’s Thursday morning as I write this.  The party in the other end of the trailer has gone non stop now since Monday and shows no signs of letting up.  There have been brief periods of quiet when everyone was passed out or otherwise engaged but the drinking, music, and loud chatter remains. The two […]