Nov 102017

It’s been two months since Hurricane Irma struck the Florida Keys leaving vast devastation in it’s wake.  So how are the Keys doing since then?  Without actually being there, but following what I can online, it looks like for the most part, the islands have recovered rather well, depending on which island one is on. […]

So Now What?…

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Sep 142017

Recovery efforts continue in the Keys and throughout Florida.  I’ve been posting a lot of links to news and info about the Keys on the Twitter and FB feeds.  For all it’s warts, social media remains the best way to spread rumors, falsehoods, gossip, misinformation, scams, and fake news, and occasionally the truth.  Seriously, it […]


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Sep 112017

The storm has passed and is now, as of this posting, heading into Georgia and losing steam fast.  Irma went right up the west coast of Florida doing significant damage all along the way.  The entire state of Florida is going to be a long time cleaning up from this one. As for the Keys […]

Sep 152013

That question was brought up yesterday in the comments in response to my post regarding the upcoming marina meeting and all the bovine fecal matter that I went through so far this summer.  So, I thought I would address said comment in a post rather than a comment reply.  Besides, I can add more snark […]

Living Aboard: The Latest Development…

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May 312013

This is what I hate about owning stuff.  The buying and especially the selling part.  People just get plain stupid when it comes to a sales transaction. So I run an ad on Craigslist, listing the boat and specifically stating in the ad that I am looking to trade for a 22′ ODay or Catalina. […]

May 292013

Well, the holiday is over with and for all intent and purposes, we are into the summer season here in Key West.  The stormy weather has started with the daily thunderboomers and the media is all aflutter with the latest predictions of a very busy hurricane season, sponsored by Home Depot, Eveready Batteries, and anyone […]

May 212013

There hasn’t been much new news regarding how Paul Labombard, (That is Pritam Singh’s real name.  I don’t have much use for people who go and join some mystic eastern religious cult and then change their given name to some bullshit phrase that means peace and love.  He is still a selfish, conniving, greedy developer […]

Living in the Keys…besides Key West…

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Apr 042012

As you may know from reading this here blog, most of what I post regarding the Keys is primarily focused on Key West. That’s because I live here and there is plenty to write about. But what about the rest of the Keys? After all, not everyone is keen on the high paced exciting world […]

Alternative Housing…A Minimalist Guide to keeping a roof over your head while living in the Florida Keys…Part 1

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Apr 162011

Living in the Florida Keys ain’t cheap.  In fact it is one of the most expensive places to live in the continental U.S. of A.  Everything needs to be shipped in, food, consumer goods, tourists, cuban refugees, and it gets more expensive as fuel prices go up.  But by far the most expensive part of […]