Apr 022014

Now that I have moved and things look fairly stable for a little while, you are probably wondering what the status is of the Spirit.  What kind of work does it still need and what is going to happen?  Well, here is a run down of what is left to do, repair/maintenance wise. Let’s start […]

Sep 302013
Living Aboard:  Mobile Again...

For the first time since I sold the jeep I now own an infernal combustion engine.  Bob and Rhonda, who I did the boat swap with delivered the outboard motor to me over the weekend.  It’s a Briggs and Stratton 5hp air cooled kicker, with just enough to push the Spirit around.  It’s in nearly […]

Jul 082013

Firstly, the knee is fine. As bad as it hurt when I twisted/turned/pulled/sprained/broke it the other day by the simple act of going down the steps into the cabin, it’s like nothing happened and it feels fine.  No swelling, bruising, or after effects.  So far. As for the boat swap, I’m still waiting for the […]