Jul 212015

Yesterday whilst sifting through the hundreds of spam emails I get every day now, and special thanks to the son of bitches who felt it necessary to put me on said email lists…We will meet someday…I happened across a comment from Martha, down in the Caribbean.  Normally if I get a good comment I might […]

Feb 242013

Before I get into the main subject of this here post let me update y’all one more time on the whole boat/motor/boat saga that has been playing out over the last week: The neighbor who has the motor that he wanted to sell back to me took a look at it yesterday and discovered that […]

Nov 282012
Living Aboard, Perhaps Smaller Is Better...

Godammit I knew something like this would happen. Here I sit on the Fritter all fat and happy, thinking about what I need to do next year to get this boat into sailing condition when this comes along… That is a West Wight Potter. Made in California, this is what is known as a pocket […]