Jan 252015

Yesterday we had one of those wonderful cold fronts come through the Keys.  During the winter it works basically like this.  A cold front comes down from the hinterlands and sweeps across the Gulf of Mexico.  It’s easy to trace on radar because it forms a long line of intense rain and thunderstorms.  Ahead of […]

Sep 032014

I mentioned that I sold the Briggs & Stratton outboard engine that came with the sailboat over this past weekend.  Why, you may ask would I sell a perfectly good, running outboard?  Several reasons. One.  I needed some working capitol.  You know, rent money.  Things have been tight and the motor was the easiest way […]

Jun 092014

You never know what will happen around this island.  There is always some sort of drama playing out and this past Sunday was no exception. I had just returned from a kayak tour through the mangroves, had the gear all cleaned up and just sat down with AJ from Kayak Kings Key West along with some […]

May 132014

When you walk around Key West, as opposed to driving, you tend to get up close and personal with the island.  You see a lot more detail on foot rather than through a dirty window whizzing by.  Sometimes that’s good, sometimes, not so much.  But it is interesting if nothing else.  Take the walk from […]

Crackdown On Liveaboards, Or At Least The One’s Who Don’t Get It…

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Sep 192013

The County will, once again, be cracking down on live aboards, at least the troublesome kind who give us legitimate live aboards a bad rep.  The one’s they are targeting are those who live on the hook, away from the marinas and mooring fields.  These are the one’s who tend to not pay any attention […]