Jun 272016

The days just seems to drag by up here in one of the most boring places on the planet.  I sit in my room all day like a lump trying to eke out some money on the computer.  In between, all I do is eat or go get stuff to eat.  I get no exercise […]

May 222016

I continue on with my self imposed exile to the land which time forgot.  The days slog by with endless rain, fog, and dreary cold weather.  I rarely go outside other than to make the occasional run to the store, maybe go out to eat, and lately, do some chores for a relative who is […]

Apr 262016

I’ve been told…again…I should go out and get a, “real job”.  Let us examine this premise for a bit. The phrase, “real job” leaves me a bit confused.  What the hell is a, “real job”? I have built and now host about 10 websites and monitor a couple more.  Granted, it’s not a lot of […]

Apr 032016

This sure as hell ain’t the Keys.  As I write this post the forecast is for lows in the 20’s, high winds, cloudy, and a dusting of snow.  The coming week, my last up here, is nothing but more of the same.  Lots of cold weather, rain, sleet, dreary, and depressing.  I’m ready for some […]

Mar 302016
Drillin' N' Fillin'...

As you read this I am on my way back to the end of the world, looking forward to warm tropical breezes, and the laid back island life of which I so richly deserve….just kidding.  I’m still in Pennsylvania.  Seems I got another delay.  Instead of sunshine and seascapes, this is my current view… Depressing, […]

Mar 172016
On The Road Again...

If you are reading this on the day it was posted, March 17th, 2016, I’m currently on a bus heading north to Pa.  The deal in Key Largo fell through.  Promises were made, not kept.  You know how you go into a situation where everything feels just right and you know it’s going to work […]

Feb 202016
The Old Stomping Grounds...

I’m recovering from the stress of the last few weeks finally, and relaxing ever so slightly now.  All the bullshit with the landlord and the drama is over with and I’m moving on to new things.  In the meantime, thanks to the generosity of an old friend, I do have a nice place to stay […]

Feb 172016

I am now homeless.  An urban outdoorsman.  I have no roof over my head, no bed to lie down in, no kitchen to cook in.  I have my backpack with a few scraps of clothes, a beat up old laptop, and a pair of hiking shoes with a little bit of tread left.  I destined […]

Digital Nomad: Always Looking For Options…

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Sep 062015

One of the things I have been trying to do, with no success, is trade off some webwork in exchange for some sort of living arrangement.  Build a website, build an app, computer consulting, things of that sort, hopefully in exchange for some small habitat for a short term period.  Recently I ran an ad proposing […]

Jul 102015

Once in a while it happens.  The stars align just right, things fall into place, and all is well with the world.  At least it seemed so this week for a change.  I’ve been struggling week by week to get things off the ground and gain some decent income without much success.  Every week has […]

Apr 222015

I still haven’t made any concrete decisions on the summer as of yet.  The only thing I know for sure that I will be doing is going up to visit family for a week over the Memorial Day holiday.  When I return to Key West I have nothing planned as of yet.  Finances are, as […]

Mar 242015

It’s been a few years since I have resided on land, and I have to admit, it is taking some getting used to.  Besides the fact I no longer rock every time the wind blows, and I don’t have to check dock lines all the time, there is a bit of nice comfort to having […]

Jun 292013

Wilst sitting here on the porch of the old bait shop where the internet is strong, writing yet another world changing award winning post, a sailboat pulled up along the fuel dock.  It happens quite a bit here with the fuel dock being so close to the ocean and all.  And we have all manner […]