Mar 212017

If there is one place in Hawaii which reminds one of Key West, it has to be Lahaina.  Located on the west end of Maui, Lahaina is a very typical tourist town.  It sits right on the shoreline facing the island of Lanai to the south and Molokai to the west.  In the town itself […]

May 012016
Living In The Land Of Fog And Walkers...

It’s Saturday as I write this and it’s been 3 days since I’ve seen the sun shine.  Really, it’s been foggy, cloudy, and rainy for 72 hours straight with no end in site.  This is what the view has been like out the window… And this is on a good day. This is the weather […]

Jul 082014

This being a new craze that has taken root across our fair land.  It’s called “Rollin’ Coal” and it ranks right up there as one of the stupidest, if not dangerous fads we have seen in recent years.  And that’s saying a lot considering how stupid this country has gotten.  What is rollin’ coal? It’s […]